Best Car Jack 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Best Car JackCar jack is one of the most important that need to be in the garage of any DIY enthusiasts.  You cannot work in a professional way if you don’t have a car jack.

If you are here to know about some Best Car Jack of 2020 then let me tell you, you are at the right place.

Buying a right and appropriate car jack could be a tedious task for you. There are multiple varieties of car jacks available in the market which include Floor Jack, Scissor Jack, Electric Car Jacks and others as well.

All these types will only leave a confused impression on your minds.

So today we have decided to share with you some best of the best car jacks of 2020 that will not only make your work easier but they will also let you work in a professional way.

These car jacks have been selected after detailed and thorough research and mind you, these are suitable and perfect for your portable car garages as well. You can keep them in your garage and takes a lot of help from them.

Trust me; your life would become easier if you buy one of the best car jack.

So without further ado, let’s move on to the Car jacks Reviews.

Best Car Jack Reviews 2020


  • Load: 3.5 Ton 
  • Height: 22″
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  • Load: 5 Ton 
  • Height: 17″
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  • Load: 3 Ton 
  • Height: 21″
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  • Load: 2 Ton 
  • Height: 14″
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  • Load: 1.5 Ton 
  • Height: 8″
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  • Load: 5 Ton 
  • Height: 15″
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  • Load: 2.5 Ton 
  • Height: 15″
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  • Load: 3 Ton 
  • Height: 16″
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  • Load: 1.5 Ton 
  • Height: 15″
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  • Load: 2 Ton 
  • Height: 19″
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1. Blackhawk B6350 Best Car Jack 2020

Blackhawk B6350 Best Car JackToday, you will find BlackHawk floor jack as one of the topmost in my list and indeed there is a reason behind this. It has so many mind-blowing features that you will surely like this car jack, if you are looking for a floor jack.

Let’s begin with its appearance first.

Black Hawk has used red and black combination which gives it a look of a professional tool. This black and red combination makes it an elegant and portable car floor jack.

Black hawk B6350 is made up of heavy-duty steel construction which is coated with powder to make it free from rust and corrosion.

Talking about its features, it has an amazing lifting capacity of 7000 pounds or you can say that at most 3.5 tons is the lifting capacity of the Black Hawk floor jack. Besides this, it features the fast lift technology that enables the jack to fastly lift the car using its jacking points with no load.

Also, you will find it has a swivel saddle whose basic purpose is to provide you with the easy jack positioning. Also, it assures users’ safety.

You will also find a built-in internal safety valve along with a vent plug, whose main function is to ensure safe and sound lifting operations.

Apart from this, it has a bypass device that prevents all kinds of damage that could possibly occur because of over pumping.

Furthermore, you will find this black hawk floor jack quite light in weight. Though its build-up of steel but trust me it’s quite lighter in the weight you can easily carry it along with you all-around your garage. Also, portability becomes easier because of its small four wheels that are fitted on its bottom.

Black Hawk B6350 is really very simple and easy to use. Just make sure before using it that the release valve has to be turned clockwise.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind before using it, that this is a hydraulic jack, and its basic purpose is to lift your car not hold it. So for holding purpose, you will need a pair of an average rated jack stand.

  • Safe to use
  • Long term durability
  • Bypass device prevents all kinds of damage
  • One of the best portable floor jack
  • You will need a jack stand with it

Buy Black Hawk Car Jack from Amazon now

2. E-HEELP Electric Car Jack

E-HEELP Electic Car JackHere comes another amazing electric car jack. This one comes in a complete kit form; it has a lifesaver in terms of helping you change your car tires when you are on your important trip.

Yes, it won’t leave you helpless on the roadside. It’s a complete kit with all necessary tools that are required in changing tires along with electric jacks in it.

The best part about this electric car jack is, you don’t need to have some proper electric supply to make this car jack operational. Just plug the car jack cable into the cigarette lighter( the one which is in your car) and your E-HEELP jack Is ready to lift up your car.

Mind you, your car will be lifted without any manual labor. The only help that you will require is to plug in its cable in cigarette lighter socket.

What if you don’t have a functional car cigarette lighter?

Then you don’t have to worry, it can also be plug-in in the car’s battery.

E-HEELP comes with a complete kit, which includes electric car jack along with one piece of plug for the car cigarette lighter, one piece of plug for car’s battery and two-piece of a spare fuse. Besides this, you will also get one piece of safety hammer and one pair of gloves as well. So that your hands won’t mess up during this tire changing process.

E-HEELP electric car jack requires 150W of power to lift up your car for repair and maintenance purposes. It can elevate your car to the maximum height of 17.7 inches.

In addition to this E-HEELP ha an amazing lifting capacity of 5 tons or 11000 pounds which it can raise in less than 2 seconds. Quite impressive!

The car jack comes with built-in LED light so that you can easily do your work at night times too.

E-HEELP has a built-in inflator pump too that provides 150psi of max pressure with 35 L/min of airflow.

Apart from this, it has mind-blowing safety features that will protect your car from falling down suddenly.

Yes, it has a self-locking power structure, which will prevent the jack from falling and will not come down immediately, when the power supply gets disconnected.

E-HEELP is an amazing electric car jack that is available in a waterproof case. This will make its portability and storage much easier.

  • Multi-functional electric jack
  • Self-locking power structure protects your car from falling suddenly
  • With impact wrench and built-in inflator pump
  • Amazing weight lifting capacity
  • Lift up to 17 inches
  • An impact wrench is of low-grade material

Buy E-HEELP Electric Car Jack from Amazon now

3. Powerbuilt Hydraulic Car Jack

Powerbuilt Hydraulic Car JackPowerbuilt is one of the oldest players in the field of car tools and equipments. It has been manufacturing high-end tools and equipment for 38 years. Tools of Powerbuilt promises to deliver quality, innovation, and durability to automotive professionals.

It is one of the best hydraulic car jacks that you will find on my list and above all, it’s the car jack that lies amongst the choice of Amazon.

Let me tell you, those products that come under the choice of Amazon are of top-notch quality with most of the positive customer feedback.

So Powerbuilt hydraulic car jack will be your choice too once you use it.

This is one of the best portable car jacks that are the world’s first car jack in lifting both regular and uni-body cars and trucks. And the most appreciable point is, it won’t damage the frame of your vehicle.

It is not only a car jack rather it’s a combination of hydraulic bottle jack and car jack stand. So in this way, you will not need to buy a separate jack stand. Powerbuilt will have both the necessary items.

It has an amazing lifting and vehicle holding capacity. Yes, Powerbuilt can safely lift the vehicle of 3 tons easily. Mind you, it is designed to lift both regular and uni-body vehicles. Also with its concave and flat lifting surfaces, you have wide options to accommodate a variety of lifting points.

Besides this Powerbuilt uni-jack is ideal to lift up your vehicles to the highest level. It can elevate up to 21”. Now you don’t have to worry about the repair and maintenance work of your low clearance vehicle. With Powerbuilt you can easily do all the services related tasks of your vehicle.

This uni-jack is build-up of highly durable material and it has a wide flat base which adds stability and prevents jack’s sinking on soft surfaces.

A question must have popped up into your mind how much weight it can lift?

Let me tell you, you will love its weight lifting capacity. It can accommodate the cars of up to 6000 pounds easily. And it won’t take too much time. It’s just a matter of a few seconds and your car is lifted. That’s it.

If I talk about its appearance, it is quite stylish. At first glance, it looks like a small Eiffel tower. Its design and structure meet and exceeds the ASME and PALD standard.

Now you have understood why it comes under the choice of Amazon.

Wrapping up, Powerbuilt uni car jack is an amazing car jack that has a patented design for lifting and holding your vehicle by the combination of hydraulic bottle jack and car jack stand.

  • With safety lock bars
  • A concoction of hydraulic jack and jack stand
  • Outstanding weight lifting capacity
  • Stylish and unique in design
  • Safe to use
  • It can be used for a variety of lifting points.
  • No worth mentioning cons yet

Buy PowerBuilt Hydraulic Jack from Amazon now

4. Pro-Lift Best Floor Jack

Pro-Lift Best Floor JackNow let’s discuss some low profile floor jack. Low profile does not mean that they will fail to lift your car but yes, they will not be able to lift heavy-duty vehicles. A pro-lift floor jack is quite suitable to be used in a home garage. it can be fearlessly used for lifting sedan and hatchback cars.

But before moving onto the product itself, why not see who the manufacturers are.

This amazing low profile portable car jack is manufactured by PRO-LIFT which is a master in manufacturing hydraulic automotive jacks, lifts, and other garage equipment. You will a great range of different equipments which will cater to many DIY enthusiasts. They are known for manufacturing dependable and reliable performance hydraulic equipments.

Talking about PRO-LIFT F-767, this 2-ton car jack gives you excellent excess to your low clearance vehicles. You can elevate your vehicles to as high as 14 inches and to as low as 3 inches.

And I think for home garage, this much lifting height is amazing. With this much height, you can do as many repair tasks of your car as you can.

It is made up of strong and heavy-duty steel, which provides long-lasting durability. In order to protect the equipment from rust and corrosion, the manufacturer has coated the F-767 with special powder so that it remains protected from corrosion and rust. Indirectly, the manufacturer has enhanced its longevity.

Pro-Lift F-767 has a patented bypass device whose basic purpose is to protect the car jack against over-pumping.

Lifting a car with Pro-Lift is now a cup of tea for everyone. With the help of its swivel saddle, anyone can easily lift the vehicle. It’s just a matter of a few pumping actions.

In order to protect it from the excess load, you will find that it has a built-in safety valve that will provide protection against overloading.

This floor jack is quite light in weight and because of its wheels, it can maneuver easily into any position.

Remember, this F-767 floor jack is meant to lift your car only. For holding purposes you need to pair it with a pair of the car jack stand, otherwise, it will damage your vehicle.

Pro-Lift F-767 is a perfect and ideal car jack that has to be used in a home garage. It is worth buying for DIY enthusiasts.

  • Safe and durable to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made up of steel
  • One of the best-budgeted car jack
  • Versatile lifting range
  • Jack stand is a must-have with it

Buy Pro-Lift Floor Jack from Amazon now

Toring Big Red Scissor Jack5. Torin Big Red Scissor Jack

Torin has always been my favorite brand when it comes to automotive equipments and tools. It is a true master of manufacturing jack, repair kits, and car lifts.

This one of the best scissor jack that I will recommend to you. Above all, it does not become a burden on your pocket. It’s quite pocket-friendly.

Torin’s big red car jack is made up of high strength steel which is of industrial grade in terms of durability and robustness.

Apart from this, the build material is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust. So your car jack will gonna last forever,

It has an amazing weight lifting capacity of 1.5 tons and you know what it can raise up your vehicle up to the height of 15 inches.

In order to give maximum support and stability to your vehicle, it has a wide base of about 4-1/2 inch, as scissor jacks tend to slip because of the narrow base but Torin red has solved this problem by manufacturing a scissor jack with a heavy-duty and wide frame.

Torin is a perfect solution for your automobile repairs. It has a single handle piece that delivers on the spot quick response and speed when you need it the most.

Not only this, Torin big car jack is one of the lightest car jacks that you will find on my list. It weighs only 6.3kgs. So portability is not an issue with Torin, as it is one of the most popular and highly demanded car jacks in the market.

You will get a free lengthened handlebar with it’s, just to make your work easier.

Torin big red scissor jack is ideal to be used for big vehicles as it has 1.5 tons of weight lifting power. Not only this, it is available in different lifting capacities, so that you can use it for heavy-duty vehicles as well.

Moreover, it is simple to use and easy to store and carry. So when you want to change the oil or change the flat tire of your vehicle, Torin is the best car jack that is there to help you.

  • Best scissor car jack
  • Affordable
  • Made of strong steel construction.
  • Can lift up to 3000 of pounds
  • With an oversized base plate for secure footing
  • No any cons

Buy Torin Scissor Jack from Amazon now

6. KINGCAV Electric Floor Jack

KINGCAV Electric Floor JackIf you are fond of long road trips but afraid of flat tires during road trips, then consider your problem is solved now. And you have KINGCAV electric floor jack in your car’s trunk then your every road trip will be fearless.

Just enjoy your trip to the fullest and leave the rest to KINGCAV.

So KINGCAV electric car jack comes in the form of a suitcase, which has all the necessary tools and equipment that are to be used when lifting your vehicle.

In the suitcase, you will get a 3 in 1 electric hydraulic jack, one piece of electric impact wrench, one piece of safety hammer and connecting cables along with gloves.

This multi-functional floor jack can safely and securely lift up your car up to the height of 17 inches. Now you can easily work on your cars.

Also with KINGCAV car jack changing tires at night is not a big task now, as it comes with a bright LED light that gives enough light so that you can easily work during dark hours.

KINGCAV is one of the powerful and heavy-duty car jacks that you will find on my list. It requires 150Watt of rated power and 12V of voltage to lift up your car.

You can get the power from the car cigarette lighter or from the car’s battery; it’s all up to you.

Apart from this KINGCAV electric jack has a maximum loading capacity of 11000 pounds, which makes it quite suitable for lifting heavy-duty vehicles and mini trucks.

It has electric inflator too in the kit that is quite powerful to inflate all your wheels. you will be amazed o know that it has 150Psi of pressure with 9.2gal per minute of airflow for inflating tires.

Now here comes the most distinguishing point, you will get an electric impact wrench with it. Yes, you read it right the impact wrench will be electric and requires 80watts and 12Volts to work with the torque of 480N.M. wow!

Now you don’t have to work with a manual impact wrench to loosen the screws. KINGCAV has indeed made your work easier.

Usually, when the car broke down near the roadside, people take the help of a person to let the other cars know that the car has broken down and is being repaired. Since KINGCAV promises to make your work easier, so the plastic toolbox has a reflective triangle drawn on the front side, which you can place to warn the coming vehicles.

KINGCAV is a perfect and ideal solution to your entire car’s problem. You can easily do all kinds of services for your cars if you have KINGCAV in your garage. With the inflator pump, you can easily change and inflate the tires. It comes with a tire gauge as well, which lets you monitor the exact tire pressure.

Now you don’t have to worried about flat tires, KINGCAV is there to help you out.

  • With an electric wrench, you can easily unscrew and screw the nuts
  • With tire gauge, you can monitor the tire pressure anytime
  • A complete toolbox
  • Handy to be carry for road trips
  • With an adjustable lifting height
  • Hydraulic jack lifts up the car too quickly
  • No worth mentioning con yet

Buy Kingcav Jack from Amazon now

7. Performance Heavy Duty Car Jack

Performance Heavy Duty Car JackFor a good 28 years, performance tools have been serving its clients by offering unique, durable and innovative professional tools. Like their other products, their car jacks are of amazing quality.

W1640 is one of the great car floor jack. It is made up of heavy-duty steel construction that is rust and corrosion-free. Also, it is quite light in weight. mobility of floor jack is not an issue with performance w1640, because it has wheels, which make its mobility quite easy.

You will see there is a rubber pad on its swaddle that will protect all the lifting point of your car.

Though you cannot keep this floor jack in your car, it will require some more space as compared to other car jacks on my lits. But yes, its best to be kept in the home garage.

Talking about its lifting capacity, it can easily lift up the weight of 5000lb within seconds. And you know what it can lift this much heavyweight up to the height of  15 inches. So I would not be wrong if I say that it is perfect to be used for your low ground clearance vehicles.

In order to have easy positioning of your swaddle, it has swivel casters which makes lifting the position of your car easier and more simple.

Besides this, it has a built-in safety valve, that will protect the car jack from being overload.

Since this floor jack is meant to lift your vehicle only so you will an appropriate pair of jack stand to hold your car in lifting position.

Performance W1640 is one of the most durable and highly rated floor car jack. It is one of the favorite tools of home-based car can easily lift sedan and hatchback cars. I would say that if you want a budget-friendly floor jack that is durable and long-lasting, then performance W1640 is a perfect choice for you.
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Easy to use
  • Portable floor jack
  • Makes car lifting an easier task
  • Cant be operated alone, you will need a jack stand for proper functioning

Buy Performance Car Jack from Amazon now

8. STANDTALL Best Floor Jack

STANDTALL Best Floor JackSTANDTALL is a well-known car jack brand. They have specialized in manufacturing high-end quality of car jacks be it floor jack or scissor jack, you will find all kinds of jack under its name.

Talking about the one I m reviewing. It’s a complete kit and it’s in the form of a briefcase or you can say a small suitcase.

You will be going to get so many things in this small plastic box which includes electric car jack, electric car wrench, tire inflator pump, battery clip, cigarette lighter power line, three fuses, one hand crank, along with one screwdriver and double sockets.

Wow! A complete tire changing kit in your garage.

With Standtall you don’t have to worry about flat tires, you can change tires anywhere easily.

The electric car jack that comes with this kit is actually a scissor car jack which is made up of highly durable material that is heavy-duty steel construction. It has a large base and saddle which gives stability to the entire structure.  This scissor car jack is specially designed for sedan and SUV, so you will find a dedicated support head for SUVs and sedan cars.

Stand TALL scissor car jack requires 12 V voltages for its operation which can be provided by connecting its cable to the cigarette lighter socket or the car’s battery.

Let’s talk about the lifting capacity; this highly durable scissor jack is capable to lift a car as heavy as 3tons. And you know what it can easily lift it up to the maximum height of 16” or 42 cms within 2 minutes. Yes within 2 minutes your car is elevated and you are ready to change the tire or do any kind of the services of your car.

Talking about the capacity of electric impact wrench, it is of 1.7 kgs in weights and requires a voltage of 12 V, so that it can work with the maximum torque of 350N.M. it takes only 5 seconds to unscrew a nut.

It has a tire inflator pump as well, that will let you inflate tires easily. Also, you can monitor the tire pressure with the help of tire gauge.

Apart from all these features, it has a powerful and bright LED light that won’t leave you helpless at night on the roadside. You can easily do your work in its light even when the sunsets. Also

STANNDTALL scissor car jack is a complete kit that you require on your road trips. Now you don’t have to take the help of car mechanics to do the services of your car. You can easily do it at your home.

  • The ideal for Sedan and SUVs
  • Rugged and robust scissor jack
  • A complete on the go toolbox
  • With built-in bright LED light
  • With two –way power supply
  • No cons yet

Buy STANDTALL Best Floor Jack from Amazon now

9. LEAD Best Scissor Jack

LEAD Scissor JackThe next one in the line is scissor jack from the banner of LEAD BRAND. This scissor jack is simply outstanding with a durable and strong structure.

Let’s throw some lights on its features.

Starting from its construction, so it has been built using very high quality of steel which is 3.1 mm thick and weighs only 2.76kg. This much weight makes it ideal for lifting and carrying to different places. It would not be wrong if I say that it is one of the best portable car jack on my list.

Its strong and robust construction enables it to lift weights as heavy as 1.5 tons or 3300 lbs. just because of its weight-bearing capacity it can be ideally used for the sedan and hatchback cars. But yes you cannot use to lift any heavy vehicles or even mini trucks. It will not support their weight

LEADBRAND scissor jack can easily lift small vehicles up to the height of 15” inches so that you can easily repair your car. It will give enough space beneath the vehicle so that you can easily work on your car.

With this scissor jack, you will get a Ratchet Handle, which makes you change the car’s tires in just a few minutes. All thanks go to its Ratchet handle and smooth-running spindle.

Besides this, the LEADBRAND scissor jack has a solid and wide base plate that gives secure and firm footing. As it is made up of strong steel so the entire structure is coated with powder to make it resistant to corrosion and rust. You cannot deny the fact that your LEADBRAND scissor jack will gonna last forever.

LEADBRAND scissor jack is the best example of portable jacks. You can keep it in your car trunks and use it even on the roadside. With LEADBRAND changing a tire is not a big deal now. You can fearlessly do it all alone.

  • Strong and rugged construction
  • With a wide base to provide a firm grip
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight to be carried
  • With ratchet handle
  • Not suitable for heavy vehicles

Buy LEAD Scissor Car Jack from Amazon now

10. Arcan Quick Rise Floor Jack

Arcan Quick Rise Floor JackIf you are looking for some best floor jack that is not only easy to use but is also light in weight then your search ends now.

Arcan quick rise floor jack is here to quench your thirst.

Arcan is a renowned brand of the USA which is famous for manufacturing professional tools and equipments. You can find every kind of equipment at their web store, be it a floor jack, car garage lift or tool storage box. They have lots of varieties of equipments.

Talking about their floor jack, which is also known as quick rise floor jack.

This jack is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum which means it is quite light in weight but at the same time, it is durable too. Just because of its lightweight it becomes easier to carry it. Also a big thanks to four wheels that make its mobility quite easier.

The best thing that I really admire about Arcan professional tools is, it is mandatory for all of their lifting equipment to pass a voluntary and rigorous safety certification process which is outlined by ASME PASE 2019 Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment. So there is no doubt in saying that Arcan floor jack meets and exceeds the safety certifications of ASME. They are 100% safe and sound to be used.

Talking about its design, it has dual pump pistons along with a reinforced lift arm with a side mount handle and bypass and overload valves. All these things make it easier for you to quickly lift up your car whenever you need it.

It has low lifting capacity which makes it ideal to be used in a home garage. It can elevate the cars of weight up to 2 tons. Besides this, it has versatile lifting range to as low as 3.5 to as high as 19.25 inches.

Lifting car with Arcan floor jack is not a tough job now; you just need a few pumping sessions to raise your vehicle.

Furthermore, it has a rubber-coated saddle that keeps your vehicle lifting point safe and secure.

Arcan floor jack is a wonderful car lifting jack that is perfect for your cars. You can do numerous service and repair tasks with the help of this amazing floor jack.

  • With rubber saddle to protect lifting points
  • It has passed numerous safety certifications
  • Mobility of Arcan floor jack is quite simple
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Lifting is the job with it
  • Wheels are somewhat gritty to be used

Buy Arcan Quick Rise Floor Jack from Amazon now


Your life would be complete with a Car Jack. You can work in a more efficient way. With the help of these car jacks, you don’t have to visit your mechanic for small jobs, you can do it at your home easily with car jacks. Since lifting a big piece of metal is not at all an easy job. you can make it easy by having a proper car jack at your home. So buy the Best Car Jack for your garage and make your work more easier.

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