Best Car Lifts 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Best Car Lift for Home GarageA car lift is one of the most useful equipment in any garage. They are heavy duty structures that are there to elevate your vehicle so that you can repair and maintain your car more effectively.

Today you will get to know about some Best Car Lifts for Garage 2020, which not only elevate your vehicle but also makes your work easier.

I know how hard it is to go underneath the car with a flashlight in your mouth.

No need to do it now.

Just install a car lift in your garage and do whatever kind of service that you want to do. They will raise your vehicle to a certain height and gives you a complete below look of your car.

Car lift for garage is the best solution not only for professionals but also for the DIY enthusiast. They can be easily installed in your portable car garage. .

At you will find complete information about car lifts along with a brief buying guide that will help you in your decision-making process.

For your assistance, we have reviewed some top-notch and high rated heavy-duty car lifts so that you can easily understand which car lift is best, as there are lots of different brands offering different kinds of car lifts.

Keep in mind that these reviews are presented on a fair and neutral basis. will not get a single penny on writing good about any manufacturer.

So let’s dive in to know more about best car lift for garage reviews.

Best Car Lifts for Home Garage Reviews


  • Load: 10,000 lbs 
  • Type: 2 Post Lift
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  • Load: 10,000 lbs
  • Type: 2 Post Lift
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  • Load: 8,000 lbs
  • Type: 4 Post Lift
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  • Load: 10,000 lbs
  • Type: 2 Post Lift
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  • Load: 9,000 lbs
  • Type: 4 Post Lift
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  • Load: 6,000 lbs
  • Type: 2 Post Lift
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  • Load: 11,000 lbs
  • Type: 2 Post Lift
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  • Load: 8,000 lbs
  • Type: 4 Post Lift
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  • Load: 6,000 lbs
  • Type: 2 Post Lift
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  • Load: 8,000 lbs
  • Type: 4 Post Lift
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1. BendPak XPR-10AS Best Car Lift for Garage

BendPak Best Car Lift for GarageWhen it comes to the best car lift for garage, BendPak is the name that strikes the mind first. BendPak is one of the renowned car lift manufacturers. They have every type of car lifting solution for your garage, be it a home garage or a shop garage. You will find all types of car lifts under the banner of BendPak.

It would not be wrong if I say that BendPak is the hub of lifts, be it an automotive lift, parking lift, alignment lift or mobile column lift.

That’s the reason you will find multiple lifts of BendPak in the car lift review.

Let’s begin with one of the best 2 post garage lift of BendPak, which is XPR-10AS.

10AS is a 2 post garage lift with an amazing load-bearing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.

This is one of the safe and durable car lift and it has an amazing feature of the narrow and wide installation. Not only this, it has an expandable top beam along with Tru-Metric arms which meet the lifting requirement of every type of vehicle.

BendPak XPR-10AS is the true name of convenience because of the fact that its column can be rotated up to 30 degrees. This means you can easily open the door of your car and can get access to the interior of your latter.

You know what, XPR-10AS is like having two lift in one because it can lift the car symmetrically and asymmetrically. The former one means the center line of the vehicle will lie at the column whereas the latter one means the center line of the vehicle will lie behind the column.

Whatever the position of your vehicle, XPR-10AS can efficiently lift it and you can do your work more professionally. All thanks to its Tru- Metric Arms design that gives endless possibilities of arm position configurations.

As far as the lifting mechanism is concerned, then BendPak will never disappoint you.

XPR-10AS has unique and advanced HVLP direct-Drive cylinders which are of low pressure. These cylinders minimize leakages along with better operations.

Now no more lifting chains or screws with BendPak XPR-10AS.

Besides this, it has a single point safety release feature, which puts down your car in a safe and efficient manner.

I would suggest that if you have some good budget about car lift for garage, then grab your hands on this car lift center line am pretty much confident that you will never regret your decision.


  • Single-point safety release
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinder
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • 10,000lb lifting capacity
  • With Tru-Metric Arm design
  • No dents or dings on door
  • Reliable and safe to use
  • Can bear up to 10,000 pounds
  • Can accommodate wide or narrow configurations
  • With a safety shut off bar
  • No cons yet

Buy Bendpak XPR-10AS from Amazon now

2. Aplus HW-10KBP Portable garage Lift

Aplus HW Portable garage LiftNext in the line is from the banner of Aplus, which is again one of the renowned lifts manufacturers. Aplus started its business in the field of motorcycle lift as Songa Enterprises. After serving many years to its biker customers, they decided to add one more product line of car lifts.  And they excel there as well.

HW-10KBP is one of the best selling 2 post car lift of Aplus. Besides this, it is quite affordable and durable.

Let’s begin with its structure; the entire structure of HW-10KBP is build up with heavy-duty steel that is Q345 which features different thicknesses at the different parts of the lift, such as the column is 13/64” thick whereas the carriage is 15/64” thick. Arm and Yoke are 15/64” and 5/16” thick respectively.

This measurement clearly tells us about the durability of the lift. So, I will not be wrong if I say it a heavy-duty lift. Besides this, it has a double column of “S” shaped that makes the lift more tough and robust.

It has an amazing load-bearing capacity of 10,000 pounds. This means if you own a heavy car and want to buy a 2 post car lift then Aplus HW-10KBP is there to fulfill your wish.

Talking about the lifting mechanism, HW-10KBP has dual hydraulic cylinders which are chain drive. It uses 3/8” of the diameter of cable and 5” of the pulley. This combination of pulley and cable reduces stress during the synchronization process. Not only this, these hydraulic cylinders are CE certified which means they are completely safe to use. They will not gonna harm any person, vehicle or even the environment.

This super durable 2 post car lift can easily raise your vehicle to the maximum height of 81” with truck adapter, whereas without truck adapter it can lift up to 75”. Truck adapters are really very helpful, as they provide a good clearance between the rockers panel and the lift arm.

Moreover, it has a symmetrical arm assembly which means the center line of the vehicle will lie at the column. The arms are of equal length with rubber pads so that your vehicle

The lift has a drive through width clearance of about 100” and it takes only 50 seconds to raise the vehicle up to the top height.

Not only this, it comes with 12 months of warranty and Aplus is best known for efficient and responsive customer service. They will always welcome your queries regarding their car lift.

With Aplus HW-10KBP it becomes easier to work on your vehicles even in your home garage. This is indeed one of the most economical and worth buying two post car lift with amazing weight-bearing capacity.


  • Q345 steel is used in its construction
  • Weighs only 1350 pounds
  • With two truck adapters
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders with chain drive
  • Double point safety lock release
  • With door guards protection rubber
  • Heavy-duty and robust
  • Maximum weight bearing limit is 10,000 pounds
  • Takes 50 seconds to lift up
  • Makes your work easier
  • Ideal for home garage
  • Easy to install
  • Puts down vehicles with quite slow speed

Buy Aplus HW-10KBP from Amazon now

3. TRIUMPH NSS-8 Best Car Lift for Home Garage

TRIUMPH best car lift for home garageIf you are looking for a portable car lifts for your home garage, Triumph NSS- 8 can definitely quench your thirst. As it comes with four caster kits and you can easily move it all-around your garage. In short, there is no hassle of fitting it to the ground.

Triumph NSS is one of the 4 post car lift or you can say it is a “wheel contact drive on lift” in which your wheels are on the driveway of the lift. Or in other words, wheels are not suspended in the air like two post car lift.

This amazing 4 post car lift comes with caster kits, as I told you earlier, along with jack trays and three drip trays. With the help of jack tray, you can use a floor jack to lift one end of your vehicle whereas, drip tray will hold any fluid from the vehicle to drip on the ground.

Besides this, it can easily support any vehicle of the maximum weight of 8000 pounds. The entire lift is made up of a robust and durable structure that is industrial-grade steel. This means your lift will gonna last forever as steel is highly resistant material and it damages hardly.

This lift is quite light in weight it’s about 1600 pounds in weight and with the help of caster kits, you can easily move it. It is 175” high and can lift your vehicles up to the maximum height of 84”. This way you can easily do repair and maintenance tasks of your vehicles.

Since it has a runway for your car, so the runway should be of enough width that it can easily accommodate tires of any width. So in this case, the triumph NSS- 8 has a runway width of about 18”.

Not only this for your convenience these runways come with two approach ramps. These ramps are made up of steel and can be easily removed. The purpose of these ramps is to have easier access to the vertical runways.

The lift has a 110v motor that is easier to install. You can do it by yourself or call an electrician. This motor will help you to lift your car quickly in just 40 seconds. If you want to put down your car, there is a single button release system that slowly and gradually put your vehicle down on the ground.

With Triumph NSS-8 you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. Because it has 10 different automatic locking position that assures you 100% that your car is safe.

Triumph NSS-8 is the perfect lift if you want to store multiple cars in your garage. The best part is, you can move it all around and you don’t have to fix it somewhere. Just fix its caster kit and your lift is ready to move. I would say that it is one of the best 4 post auto lift


  • Weighs 1600 pounds
  • With approach ramps
  • Caster kits, dripping tray and jack trays
  • 10 different locking position
  • Single point release system
  • 110v of motor
  • Can be move easily around the garage
  • Made up of tough material
  • Safe and secure way to maintain your car
  • Can be used for storage purpose
  • An instruction guide is not much clear

Buy TRIUMPH NSS-8 from Amazon now

4. Aplus Best 2 Post Car Lift

Aplus Best 2 Post Car LiftHere comes another one from the house of Aplus, as this is the most trusted Car lift brand. If you own a portable car garage in your home, you can easily install this Aplus lift in your garage. It’s one of the Best Portable Garage Lifts.

This time the model is quite different from the previous one. we are going to tell you some exciting features of Aplus HW-10KOH.

HW-10KOH has CE certified hydraulic system and lift structure, which indicates that the car lift is extremely safe for your vehicle and environment as well.

It is built up with the high-grade stainless steel, which is completely resistant to rust and corrosion.

Besides this, the overall steel structure is quite thick that gives immense power to the frame. Not only this, it has a double column of S-shaped that makes it capable of bearing a maximum of 10,000 pounds easily.

It has a symmetric arm assembly which gives you the opportunity to align the center line of the vehicle at the column. Moreover, the length of the front and rear arm is of the same size.

It has a motor of 3 horsepower that uses a total of 220V to power to work properly. It uses dual hydraulic cylinders with chain drive as a driving mode.

Talking about the lifting height of this lift garage, it will not be going to disappoint you, it can easily lift your vehicles up to the height of 81” with truck adapter whereas it can lift up to the maximum height of 75” without the truck adapter. And you know what; it takes only 50 seconds to rise up your car so that you can work more efficiently on your vehicle.

In order to reduce the stress on the overall synchronization process, It comes with heavy-duty 3/8” diameter of cable and 5 “of the pulley.

This 2 post auto lift can raise your vehicle just by pressing the UP button on the motor, whereas the lowering process is manual, for which you will find a lever with the motor.

In order to prevent overloading, there is a relief valve with a built-in power pump.

Apart from this, it has a double point safety lock release system that protects your vehicle from all kinds of lifting damage. Furthermore, arm restraints have lifting rubber pads that firmly hold your vehicle.

Aplus HW-10KOH is also easy and simple to assemble. It has a stiffened base plat of 5/8” thickness that holds the ground with the help of anchor bolts.

You don’t have to rush towards a hardware shop to buy anchor bolts or other mounting devices. All the necessary hardware comes with the lift from the manufacturer. Indeed it’s a worth buying portable car garage lift that you will love for sure.


  • CE certified
  • weighs only 1200 pounds
  • ca bear up to 10,000 pounds
  • With two truck adapters
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders with chain drive
  • Double point safety lock release
  • easy to install
  • comes with a warranty of 12 years
  • q345 steel is used in its construction
  • durable and robust steel structure
  • with rough and tough metal base plate
  • No cons yet

Buy Aplus Car Lift from Amazon now

5. TRIUMPH NOS9000 Best 4 Post Auto Lift

TRIUMPH NOS9000 4 Post Auto LiftLooking for a 4 post auto lift with more weight loading capacity?

Triumph NOS9000 is there to help you.

Yes, this one is again a 4 post lift which can easily bear 9000 pounds of vehicle weight easily.

Apart from this, it lies amongst the best portable car lifts. Yes, you read it right. It is moveable. You can move it all around your garage. Thanks to its caster kits which makes its movement quite easier. Also, you don’t have to worry about its installation. Just take it on the place where you want to work.

Besides the caster kit, you will get some drip tray and jack tray with it, which makes working more easily.

Triumph NOS9000 is made up of robust and durable material and weighs only 1800 pounds. Industrial grade steel is used in its construction that makes the lift highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Also, the steel frame is capable of bearing 9000 pounds of vehicle weight.

Furthermore, it is 212.5” high and can lift your vehicles up to the maximum height of 77.5”. This way it gives you a good opportunity to do repair and maintenance tasks of your car.

Since it has a runway for your car, so the runway should be of enough width that it can easily accommodate tires of any width. So in this case, the triumph NSS- 8 has a runway width of about 18”.

In order to have easier access to the runways, you will get two approach ramps, which are made up of steel and are completely removable. This way you can easily park your car over the vertical runway.

This 4 post auto lift doesn’t need to be assembled anywhere but yes, it comes with a 110v motor which you will have to install. You can also do it by yourself, it’s so simple and easy to install. With the help of this motor, the lift will rise up your vehicle and you know what it requires only 40secs to lift up your vehicle.

There is a single button release system which meant to lower down your vehicle in a slow and steady fashion.

Unlike the other models of car lift from the banner of Triumph, this one comes with 12 different automatic locking positions which assure you that your vehicle is 110% safe.

This lift is not only meant for repair and maintenance purposes, but you can also use this 4 post lift to store multiple cars in your garage. It can bear heavy car weights for a prolonged period of time.

Triumph NOS9000 is an amazing 4 post auto lift with astonishing weight-bearing capacity. Moreover, it is one of the high rated car garage lift on my list.


  • 12 different locking position
  • Single point release system
  • Caster kits, drip tray, and jack tray
  • With approach ramps.
  • 9000 pounds of capacity
  • Highest rated 4 post auto lift
  • Best for storing multiple cars
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Instructions are not clear in manual

Buy TRIUMPH NOS9000 from Amazon now

6. BendPak LR-60P Best 2 Post Car Lift

Bendpak LR-60P Best 2 post Car LiftHere comes another one from the hub of car lifts that is BendPak. As stated earlier, BendPak is one of the renowned manufacturers of heavy-duty car lifts. You will find every type of car lift at BendPak.

It’s not only versatile in terms of types but also the quality of lifts is far better than the other competitor. They are a bit expensive than the others but trust me, the quality and durability of auto lift totally worth it.

Now let’s talk about the auto lift of BendPak.

LR-60P is low rise yet low-cost lift that is indeed one of the best residential garage lifts. It is compact and not he like the other lifts. You can easily place it in your small home garage. They rise to a lower height which is sufficient enough to repair and maintain your car properly.

This versatile scissor lift is the ultimate solution for quick services on your lightweight vehicles and mini trucks.

This low rise mini-lift can handle 6000 pounds of vehicle weight easily. It is made up of high grade and rugged material that can easily bear heavyweights for a long time.

Moreover, the material features a durable powder coat finish which keeps the lift protected from all kinds of harsh elements and weather conditions. And you know what; BendPak has uses 10 step powder coating process that is different from the other manufacturers. So it means your lift will gonna last forever.

LR-60P is perfect for low-stance vehicles as it rises up for a good 26” height.

This lift is easy to use and operate all thanks to its single point safety release and dead-man style operation that makes its use so easy and friendly.

As far as the lifting mechanism is concerned then BendPak has used industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders in its LR-60P lift. These cylinders are wrapped with specially designed pressure loaded U-cup pistons whose purpose is to seal and backups any fluid bypassing the cylinder.

This low rise lift features a set of durable solid rubber lift blocks, which are so durable that you don’t need to repair and maintain them for years. Also, they will smoothly lift your vehicle without any damage.

Since it is the most durable and versatile 4 post lift on my list, one more thing is added in its durability which makes it ultra stable, which is the bottom of the lift has rugged steel channel frame, which makes it ideal for busy garages where hundreds of cars are being lifted on the lift.

And the best part is, this rugged steel frame comes with the five years of warranty, which means you will going to work for years without being worry.

With driveway crossbars on the frame of lift, it becomes easier to drive up and onto the frame. Also, it improves stability without slowing down the entire lifting process.

If you are looking for some best residential garage car lifts then I assure LR-60P is there to quench your thirst, it raises up to 26” high within 35 seconds. Also, it is portable and easy to install. You don’t need any special tools to install it. Besides this, it requires very little space so it’s ideal for home garages.


  • Multi-position safety lock
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • With rubber lifting blocks
  • Can lift up to 26” of height
  • Hydraulic units require 20 Amp of circuit
  • Perfect for home garage
  • Ideal for low ceiling garage
  • Can lift up to 6000 pounds of weight
  • Durable and Rugged steel channel frame
  • The steel frame is completely powder coated
  • Quite heavy to move

Buy Bendpak LR-60P from Amazon now

7. TRIUMPH NT-11 Best Portable Garage Lift

TRIUMPH NT-11 Best Portable Garage LiftStill not satisfied with 10,000 pounds of lift bearing capacity? Then I have another option for you.

Yes, I am presenting a lift that will have 11,000 pounds of weight-bearing limit.

And again, this auto lift is from the banner of Triumph, which is the most trusted automotive lift manufacturer brand.

This is a 2 post lift which has two double and triple telescoping arms. Along with these, you will get three sets of the truck adapter which are easily install able. Just fix the truck adapter and place the rubber pad on the top of the adapter and you are good to go.

Besides this, there is a safety feature in carriages which I personally like a lot. There is a lock for the arms. Once your carriage is on the ground, this lock will completely disengage the arm and you can freely move it. Also, it protects the car when it’s being in the air.

NT-11 features a direct drive dual hydraulic cylinder which lifts up your car more efficiently. For this purpose, there is a 3HP motor fixed to the column that requires a total of 220V to work properly.

And you know what there is a space-saving feature in this lift. Between the carriages, there is a small storage space that you can use to store and place your truck adapters properly. This way they will be protected and safe and aren’t rolling around the floor.

Like the other 2 post lift, it is built with high-quality steel that is rugged and durable along with some powder-coated finish. This way it will remain protected from rust and corrosion.

With the weight-bearing capacity of 11,000 pounds, you can easily repair your trucks and jeeps on this Triumph NT-11 lift.

Talking about the weight and dimension, it is quite heavy. Its 2000 pounds in weight and has an overall height of 116” which is remarkable. This means you will have a good lifting space. You can lift your car up to the height of 72” within 45 seconds.

Safety is the utmost priority of Triumph that’s the reason their automotive lifts are CE certified. NT-11 is not only CE certified but also ISO 9001 complaint. This means this lift is extremely harmless to the environment and its surroundings.

NT-11 is ideal for low ceiling shops and garages. Besides this, its installation mechanism is extremely easy and safe. Just install it on ac concrete floor with a minimum rated 4000PSI strength and your workshop is ready.

Triumph NT-11 is indeed one of the best investments for your garage.


  • 11000 pounds of weight-bearing limit
  • Dual drive hydraulic chain drive system
  • Single press auto-release button
  • With three truck adapters
  • Storage space for the truck adapter
  • Multiple locking positions
  • Safe option
  • Amazing weight-bearing limit
  • Ideal for lifting heavy-duty vehicles
  • Ideal for low ceiling garage
  • One time investment
  • No cons yet

Buy Triumph NT-11 from Amazon now

8. APlusLift HW-8S Heavy Duty Car Lift

APlusLift HW-8S Heavy Duty Car LiftFour post lift does not only provide safe lifting option but also it is a great way to store your car in a garage where space is a challenge.

This CE certified Aplus lift is extremely rugged and durable and can withstand maximum weights for a long time.

You will be amazed to know that it can bear 8000 pounds of vehicle weight and even for a longer time.

You can stack your vehicles over it.

It is build up with a rugged and robust steel frame which is CE certified. Not only this, the frame is powder-coated which makes it totally resistant to corrosion.

It has two steel approach ramps that will give your car an access to climb up the post. Besides this, you will get a drip tray and jack k tray as well.

Like other automotive lifts of Aplus, you will 4 caster kits that make the mobility of the lift an easier task. The best part is, these caster kits are immensely easy to install and it doesn’t involve any rocket science. You will need very common tools in its installation.

With the presence of caster kits, you can easily move your lift all-around your garage.

In addition to this, the lifting mechanism is powered by 60HZ of the hydraulic motor.

The overall height of lift is about 84” and it can rise up to the height of 72” in just 40 seconds. For the added safety of your vehicle, there are 10 different locking positions in the lift along with a single release system.

This lift is perfect for parking, storage and service purpose. It is one of the heavy-duty car lift that can lift up the 8000 pounds of the vehicle easily. You will be amazed to know that it weighs only 1750 pounds and yet it is durable and robust.

It can easily move around your garage would say, if you have less storage space in your garage, you can buy this 4 post auto lift. I am sure it will fulfill your needs.


  • powder coated lift structure
  • CE certified lift structure and hydraulic system
  • You will get jack tray, drip tray with caster kits
  • Approach ramps are included
  • Weighs only 1750 pounds
  • Perfect for storage, service, and parking
  • Potable and movable
  • Comes with caster kits
  • Powerful hydraulic motor
  • Certified hydraulic system
  • With 10 locking position.
  • No cons yet

Buy APlusLift HW-8S from Amazon now

9. Dannmar MaxJax Portable 2 Post lift

Dannmar MaxJax Portable 2-Post liftMaxJax is another trusted name in the field of automotive lift. This is a completely portable two post lift.

This is one of the Best Portable Car Lift for Home Garage. Besides being economical it is simple and easy to use.

This 2 post auto car lift is constructed using high-grade steel, which makes it rugged and robust. It can easily support 6000 pounds of car weight. It’s tough and durable construction makes it perfect to be used for heavy vehicles.

This amazing lift is ideal for low ceiling garages. It can reach up to the top height of 48 inches, which means you can easily repair and maintain your vehicle in your garage.

And the best part is, it takes only 30 seconds to lift up the 6000 pounds of car.

Talking about the lifting mechanism, it features a double direct drive hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder requires 1850 watt and 110 volts of the motor, which is quite powerful to lift up the vehicle.

MaxJax auto lift is not only meant for automobile garage, but you can also use it in motorcycle garage too. Yes, you read it right you will get motorcycle adapters with it, which will help you to service your bike properly.

The lift arms are fully adjustable they can reach as maximum as 40 inches and as minimum as 27 inches.

It comes with a single-phase power unit but it is not fixed. If you are using this lift as a portable car garage lift then fixing the power phase will be a bad idea. Otherwise, you can fix it on the wall.

MaxJax two post car lift is a perfect home garage lift. It is simple and easy to use. Its installation does not require any rocket size, it can be easily installed anywhere you want.

So if you want a fast and efficient lift with a great time then Dannmar MaxJax will surely help you out.


  • 2 post automotive lift
  • With motorcycle adapters
  • Support 6000 pounds of weight
  • Require 1850 watt of power
  • Lifting height is 48”
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Can be used for lifting motorcycles as well
  • Maintenance-free heavy-duty lift
  • Perfect for low ceiling garages,
  • Practical and simple to use
  • The power unit is not fixed on the column

Buy Dannmar MaxJax 2-Post lift from Amazon now

10. AutoLift 4 Post Car Lift

AutoLift 4 Post Car LiftThe last one is wheel contact drive on a lift which is commonly known as 4 post auto lift.

Generally, These 4 post auto lifts are a great solution to a small garage. You can park two cars in the space of one car with the help of these 4 post car lifts.

Besides this, they provide safe and effective ways to work on your vehicle. This 4 post auto lift is from the banner of Auto Lift, which is another player of automotive lifts. They specialized in manufacturing durable and high-end lifts that give no complaints to its users.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Auto lift car park 8.

Starting with the structure of this lift, it is made up of industrial-grade heavy-duty steel that is rugged and robust enough that it can support 8000 pounds of weight easily. Since it’s a 4 post auto lift so it is designed in such a manner that it can bear heavy weights for days and nights.

Though it looks excellent when it comes to appearance but safety-wise it’s a perfect choice of every car owner.

It comes with three drip trays, jack trays, and poly caster kits. And the best part you don’t have to pay a single penny for all these. You will get these for free.

The drip tray is meant to hold any liquid when the vehicle is lifted up whereas the jack tray is meant to hold one different tool when you’re working on your car.

With the presence of a poly caster kit, you can easily move your auto lift all over your garage. Caster kits are very simple and easy to install.

In order to have easier access to the lift, you will get some lightweight steel approach ramps. These ramps are very light in weight about 18 pounds.

For further safety of your vehicle, there are redundant ladder lock safety systems. There are 10 different locking positions. So that you can safely lock your car at your desired height.

This 86” tall lift can easily lift up your vehicle up to the maximum height of 74”. But it requires 90 seconds to do so.

Featuring a strong and sturdy base plate of 10” x 12” which has an extra-large slider for further added stability. The base plate support 18” wide runway which is formed with a single piece of diamond plate.

Auto lift car park 8 is the best portable car lift for the home garage. It is pocket-friendly and durable. I would say it’s like a onetime investment to your home garage. Above all, it has a wonderful weight-bearing limit that can lift the majority of the cars easily. Furthermore, it’s a great idea to store multiple cars in a small garage.


  • With free jack tray and dripping tray
  • Four pieces of caster kits.
  • Lightweight approach ramps
  • Can support 8000 pounds of weight
  • 10 different locking position
  • Ideal for multiple cars
  • Built-up with strong material
  • Aircraft-grade cable is used
  • The runway is quite wide
  • Portable and movable
  • Easy to install caster kits
  • The manual for installation is not there

Buy Autolift 4 Post lift from Amazon now


Portable car lifts are the perfect solution not only for your home garage but also for your garage shops. If you are buying a car lift for the very first time, then I am sure you must be a little bit confused because of the different types and brands of the car lift. Besides this, you will find there are numerous players of car lift in the market each one is offering different features.

So for your assistance, I have come up with a quick buying guide that will clear up your mind and you can easily choose the best car lift easily.

These are some essential basic factors that you need to keep in mind while buying any car lift.

Let’s begin with the basic things.


There are different types of lift that will reach your ultimate goal, that is, to lift up your vehicle so that you can perform your task easily. But what matters the most is which type of lift is best suited to your needs.

If we classify them, there are two broad categories:

In-ground lift and the surface mount lift or you can say above the ground lift.

Their names are enough to explain them. Well, when the lifting mechanism is fitting under the ground, the lift will be called as in-ground lift. Whereas, when the lifting mechanism is situated above the ground the lift will be termed as surface mount lift.

The former one is almost obsolete now, whereas the latter one is the most popular category of the car lift. They are simple yet easy to assemble. You just have to bolt surface mount lift to the floor of your garage and it’s assembled. For its operation, it requires hydraulic pumps along with an electric motor.

Talking about the surface mount lift they are further classified into two broad categories which are:


Also known as “frame contact lift” or “frame engaging lift”. These are the most popular type of surface mount lift. They are two-column bars with arms on it. These arms fix beneath your vehicle and lift it up. These swing arms travel up to the two columns.

The lifting mechanisms that are used in this lift are mechanical, hydraulic or electrical. Two post lifts can be symmetrical, asymmetrical or both, depending upon the position of lifting arms.

Frame contact lifts are the most economical lifts. They are ideal if you want to work on the wheels, brakes, and suspension because of the fact that the wheels of the vehicle will remain suspended in the 2 post lift. These lifts are ideal for beginners who have just started their garage shop.

Also, 2 post lifts come with powerful weight-bearing capacity. The best part is, they require very little space in your garage. You can even use them in your portable car garage too. So there is no doubt in saying that you can use it to lift cars, mini trucks and SUVs.


  • BendPakXPR 10-AS
  • Aplus HW-10KBP


Four post lifts are more suited for heavy-duty vehicles. They are commonly known as “wheel contact drive on the lift”. It consists of a metallic platform or you can say runway instead of lift arms, on which you will park your car and with the help of some specialized lifting mechanism your vehicle will raise up.

The difference in four posts is, the wheels will remain on the platform even when the vehicle has lifted up. Four posts lift are ideal for quick services like oil change, as you don’t require fixing truck adapters as in case of two posts lift. If you want to do some kind of wheel or suspension work on this lift, then you have to use wheel jack for this purpose.

This is the main reason behind the high costs of 4 post lifts. But four posts lift are perfect for wheel alignment purposes.

Apart from this, the 4 post lift can be used for storage purposes when you are short of space in your garage.


  • Triumph NSS-8
  • Aplus lift HW-8S

Before buying any car lift for the garage, first, make up your mind which type of lift you will buy. It all depends upon your pocket, the space you are having, and the purpose of buying it.


The dimension of lift is a really very important factor. Of course, you don’t want to throw your money into waste by purchasing a huge size lift that does not fit into your garage.

So before buying, consider the space of your garage including ceiling as well and the dimension of the lift.

Ideally, a 4 post car lift occupies more space than a 2 post car lift. So it would be right if I say that two post car lift will be best suited to medium to the small size of the garage because of its dimensions.

Don’t forget to consider the extra space for maneuvering around the lift.


Lifting power of lift or you can say weight-bearing capacity is the important criterion while considering a car lift for garage. This way you can lift up your vehicle up to any height and can perform your work. As a rule of thumb, your lift should have lifting capacity more than the weight of your vehicle.

Suppose if your vehicle weighs 6000lbs then I would suggest you buy a car lift which has a lifting capacity of 8000lbs, just for a safe side. Higher the lifting power more safer it would be for you to perform a variety of car services.


After lifting capacity, height ranges are the features that stand apart. Lifting height is also a crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind while purchasing. Lifting height will tell you about the space that you will have once the car is elevated.

This way you can decide either you will do the repair job in sitting or standing position. Furthermore, this factor is of utmost importance for taller users. As they need to have a good space beneath the elevated car. In the case of 4 post lift, the lift should have an appropriate lifting height, which later on can be used as storage space for parking other cars.


Talking about the material of car lift, it should be made up of such material that can easily match with its lifting capacity. If the lift claims to elevate 10,000 pounds, so it’s built material should also support this weight range. Poor grade material of lift cannot only damage your vehicle but also bends or break apart the arms of your lift. Secondly, the material should be lightweight.

Ideally, high-grade steel is used in its construction which is coated with powder to make it protective against rust and corrosion.


The safety of the user and his vehicle is of utmost importance. So when you are buying any portable car garage lift make sure that it must have some safety locks. This will keep you safe and sound when you are working under your car. Also, it’s a great solution to keep your car protecting from falling.

These are the most important factors that you should consider before buying a heavy-duty car lift. There are other factors too such as price, warranty and the reputation of the manufacturer. But to be very honest, these are not as important and crucial as the factor which I have discussed. I hope this will help in real in making the purchase decision about the best residential garage car lifts.

Car Lifts FAQs

How do car lift work?

Car lifts work by hydraulics, which need a powerful motor to elevate the vehicle.

How thick does a concrete need to be for a car lift?

Fortunately most car garage lifts work on a typical residential concrete floor. They require at least a thickness of 4 inches at 3000 PSI on a full slab.

Do car lift requires maintenance?

Well, like every other machinery, car lifts also require maintenance, especially it’s cable and hydraulic system.

How long can I leave a car stored on a 4 post lift?

You can store your car for an infinite time period on a 4 post lift, because, when the lift is elevated, it will be locked at a certain position which removes all the hydraulic pressure from the system. Therefore, you can store your car for a longer period of time.

How do I unload the lift?

Since lifts are the heavy equipment which weighs somewhere between 1500- 2000 pounds. So you have to be very cautious while unloading it. I would suggest using a tractor or forklift to unload the lift.

Is the installation process is difficult?

No not at all. It’s not technical at all but yes you will require some manpower to do so since they are quite heavy to lift. You only need to have appropriate hardware and machinery like drill machine.

How often do I need to change the hydraulic fluid?

If you find any leakage in the sealed system of the lift, then you can change the hydraulic fluid. Otherwise, it is advisable to change the fluid when it turns milky white in color.

Do I need a permit to install a car lift?

Yes. Your city will require a permit to install a lift in your garage.

Do car lifts fail?

A big no. modern surface mounted car lift does not fail.

Which one is the best 2 post lift or 4 posts?

Honestly speaking, 4 post lift require more space in your garage whereas 2 post lift is perfect for small to medium size of garage.


You must have realized how useful and space-saving these auto lifts are.

You can earn millions of money by installing these amazing car lifts in our garage. Besides this, if you own a portable car garage in your home, you can install a suitable portable car lifts for your home garage too. They are simply amazing. Just lift up your vehicle and fix up all its problems.

I do hope that after going through this article you can easily decide which brand and what type of car lift you are going to purchase.  We have tried our levels best to review high rated and Best Car Lift For Garage, which are not only budget-friendly but also safe and secure to use.

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