Best Car Ramps 2020 – Reviews & Top Choices

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Best Car RampsAre you fond of repairing your car by yourself?

If yes then you need to have some must-have tools in your garage. Among which car ramp lifts are on the top of the list.

Today you will get to know about some Best Car Ramps.  These are the most amazing tools that you will need to work more professionally.

With the help of vehicle lift ramps, you can change the oil of your car, do service and maintenance of your car and many other necessary tasks for which you usually take the help of mechanics.

Also, these ramps are simple and easy to install. You will not need any special tool or person to fix these.

If you are here to look for some amazing car ramps lift then you will be happy to know that you have landed on to the right page.

After great and in-depth research I have found out some best car ramp lifts on which I decide to write reviews so that it becomes easier for you to decide and choose the best one for your portable car garage.

These reviews are written fairly after detailed study. So you will find genuine and honest information about each and every ramp lift. is here to make your life easier and simple.

Now no need to visit the mechanic shop frequently. Buy these mind-blowing car ramp lifts and give your car the amount of care and love it deserves.

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Let’s check out these reviews and find some best car ramp lift of 2020.



  • Load: 16,000 lbs 
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  • Load: 20,000 lbs
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  • Load: 6,000 lbs
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  • Load: 12,000 lbs
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  • Load: 15,000 lbs
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  • Load: 6,000 lbs
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  • Load: 11,000 lbs
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  • Load: 6,500 lbs
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  • Load: 1,500 lbs
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  • Load: 4,400 lbs
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1. RhinoGear 11912 Best Car Ramps Lift

RhinoGear 11912 Best Car Ramps LiftRhinoGear is one of the top-notch brands that are master in manufacturing high-quality car ramps. These ramps are of superb quality and excellent durability. You will fall in love with its material. Not only this one but all the ramps of RhinoGears will surely satiate your search or best car ramps.

I have deliberately keep RhinoGear 11912 on the top of my list not because we will get something in return but because of its astounding features and amazing construction.


There are numerous reasons for this. RhinoGear 11912 is built with a patented polymer internal support system.  your car is 100% safely park when it’s lifted by RhinoGear car ramps because it is made up of CoreTRAC non-slip material that gives enough stability to your vehicle’s wheel.

Apart from this, it provides incredible weight distribution, all thanks to its wide stance structure that gives amazing strength.

With RhoinGear 11912 you can incline your vehicle up to the angle of 17 degrees. And at this steep angle, your vehicle is completely stable because of the non-skid material of Car ramp

This 20 pound weighs car ramp is rugged and robust enough that it can easily bear 16,000 pounds of weight. Now with RhinoGear 11912, you have the freedom to change the oil of your vehicle by yourself. It can easily bear your vehicle’s weight for long hours. It has excellent GVWR capacity.

And the best of all is 11912 meets all the standards of PALD (Portable Automotive Lifting Device). This means your car ramp is as strong as steel.

It’s an amazing and durable car ramp. Above all, it is quite affordable

  • Great weight distribution
  • Made up of durable material
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Ideal for car, minitrucks, and pickups.
  • No Cons Yet

Buy RhinoGear 11912 Ramps from Amazon now

2. ElectricDuct Heavy Duty Car Ramp

ElectricDuct Heavy Duty Car RampElectricDuct is another renowned player in the field of car ramps.  This is one of the heavy-duty car ramps that you will really admire.

If you are looking for some permanent car lifting solution, then ElectricDuct will satisfy your search.

This is one of the car ramps that I will recommend to my readers.  You will get to know the reason in a few minutes.


Well, this product features so many positive and good points that you will hardly find them in any other brand.

It is made up of industrial grade rubbers which are quite robust. Just because of its heavy-duty material, it can easily withstand huge loads without any issue. So be it your jeep or a mini truck, it can easily bear its load.

Because of its heavy-duty type rubber, it becomes quite heavy to move. So portability is not always a good option with the ElectricDuct car ramp.

For this purpose, the manufacturer has given some mounting holes for permanent installation. With the help of these holes, you can install them at your desired place and can lift up your car whenever you want to do a detailed service of the car.

Isn’t it amazing? No hassle to keep them frequently.

ElectricDuct car ram lift is two heights that are 4.3 inches and 5.2 inches. Both types of heights have the same width and length that is 19” and 12.75 respectively. With this much width, your car wheels can easily fit over it.

Moreover, it has an astounding weight-bearing capacity that is 20,000 pounds. I am 100% sure that with ElectricDuct you can even repair trucks and big wagons too.

If you don’t own a heavy vehicle, then you will glad to know that the ElectricDuct car ramp also comes in a small weight-bearing capacity that is 10,000 pounds. This makes it suitable for mini vehicles as well.

ElectricDuct car ramp lift is indeed perfect for big vehicles. NO doubt it is one of the best heavy-duty car ramp lift.

  • Mounting holes for permanent installation
  • Available in two different heights
  • Mind-blowing weight-bearing limit
  • Made up of heavy-duty rubber
  • Bit Heavy

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3. Pyle Lightweight Curb Ramps

Pyle Lightweight Curb RampsIf you have found written “Amazon’s Choice” next to any product, buy it blindly, without any hesitation. Because Amazon keeps only those products in its favorites list that are of superb and outstanding quality. So this car ramp lift is Amazon’s choice and now you can imagine how extraordinary this product would be.

Let me tell you Pyle is known worldwide as the owner of award-winning products, friendly customer service, and high-end quality.


First and the foremost reason for liking this product is the fact that it’s amongst Amazon’s choice.

The rest is as below.

It is one of the lightest car curb ramps that you will find on this review list. Yes, it weighs only 7.7 pounds.

As it is light in weight so it is really very easy to carry. You can carry it with you wherever you want.

For the convenience of its customers, Pyle car ramp lift comes with a carrying handle, which makes its handling a simple and easier task.

As far as its material is concerned then I will be happy to tell you it’s made up of industrial grade compound plastic material, which in other words you can say, polypropylene. All thanks to its high-end material and construction that enhances its longevity.

Just because of its sturdy and durable material you can fearlessly use for automotive vehicle bikes and scooters.

The manufacturer has claimed that you can use it for heavy-duty trailers and trucks. But honestly speaking I would not suggest you do so since it has 6600 of weight-bearing capacity, which doesn’t make it the right candidate for lifting heavy-duty vehicles.

This Pyle car ramp lift comes in two different colors. I mean its pair has two colors. One will be yellow and the other will be black.

To give your car maximum stability and traction, it comes with a textured surface that gives a firm grip to the tires of the cars.

Apart from this, it comes with mounting holes so that you can install it permanently at some suitable place.

Pyle PCRBDR27 ramp is one of the excellent car ramp lift. It is not only light in weight but also it is quite durable and portable. I would say if you are looking for some high-quality car ramp lift, Pyle will not disappoint you.

  • Suitable for home garage and loading docks
  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comes with carrying handle.
  • Different color ramp in the single pack might not be liked by everyone

Buy Pyle Car Ramp Lifts from Amazon now

4. RhinoGear 11909 Best Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear 11909 Best Vehicle Ramp LiftRhinoGear is the brand on which you can trust with closed eyes. Their quality is amazing. Their products are built to last forever. Apart from his, they won’t damage your vehicle. That’s the most important point that I like about them.

This one car ramp lift is again from the banner of RhinoGear and is an excellent example of robustness and durability. The model is 11909ABMI.


I like this product because of so many reasons.

First of all, it is built with strong material, which makes it look as if it is made up of steel.

With respect to its manufacturing, it has met and exceeds the PALD (Portable Automotive Lifting Device) standards.

In addition to this, it has a patented polymer internal system which is named CoreTRAC, which makes it non- slippery. Just because of this patented system, your car will not slip during use. Also, it has a wide design that can accommodate almost all sizes of the wheel. Not only this, a wide platform provides incredible weight distribution.

11909ABMI has an incline angle of 17 degrees on which your car can easily climb. This way you will have a good space for doing services by yourself.

Besides this, it has a quite compact and space-saving design. You don’t need to have a special place to store these ramps; you can easily place them in a small space, in a vertical direction.

Now comes the most important part that is its weight-bearing limit. RhinoGear has claimed that its 11909ABMI can easily accommodate 12000 pounds of vehicle weight, as it is built up with strong material that itself weighs only 20 pounds.

RhinoGear is the gem in-car ramp lift and this one is one of the best vehicle lift ramps.

  • Incredible weight distribution.
  • Amazing weight-bearing capacity
  • Patented design
  • Non-skid and non-slippery
  • No cons yet

Buy RhinoGear 11909 from Amazon now

5. Trailer-Aid Tire Changing Ramp

Trailer-Aid Tire Changing RampIf you are looking for some better and safer ways to change flat tires then Trailer-Aid is there to help you out.

The owner has launched their car ramp lifts after a long and non-tiring struggle of fifteen years. Their main motive was to launch some kind of very strong and sturdy product that can withstand heavy weight without being damaged. At last, they have succeeded and launched Trailer-Aid Tire changing ramps.


There is not only a single reason for liking this product, in fact, but there is also a long list.

First of all, Trailer-Aid gives you the freedom of changing flat tires in a safe and efficient manner. You don’t need to have wheel jack and other lifting tools if you have Trailer-Aid in your garage.

The best part I like about it, though this is made up of quite a strong and sturdy material it is very light in weight. Yes, you will be amazed o know that it weighs only 5lbs but trust me it is very very sturdy and tough.

With the help of this light-weighted feature, you can easily carry it with you, because flat tires can happen anywhere and anytime. You don’t have any idea about them.

Also for easier storage manufacturer as given few holes on the front and back with the help of which you can easily handle it.

Apart from his, the material is completely waterproof and rustproof so this means it will gonna last forever. You won’t have to look towards new Car ramp lift for ages if you have Trailer-Aid vehicle lift ramp.

Trailer-Aid can easily support up to 15000 pounds of vehicle weight and you know what it offers 4-1/2” of the lift so that you can have a good clearance to get the job done.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Rustproof and waterproof
  • Ideal for changing flat tires
  • Not suitable for very heavy vehicle

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6. Race Ramps RR-FS Car Ramps

Race Ramps RR-FS Car LiftLooking for some long term car storage solution without flat spotting?

Then believe me.

Race Ramps RR-FS is there to pause your search. Not pause but I am sure it will stop your search.

These ramps are ideal for those people who face flat spotting in their car’s wheel on parking it for a very long period of time.


Well, these flat stoppers are mind-blowing race ramps car lifts. They are light in weight but are strong and durable enough that it can withstand heavyweight for a longer period of time. They are built with the company’s patented super lightweight 100% solid construction technique.

They can accommodate as maximum as 6000 pounds of car weight.

Besides this, its platform is quite wide that it can easily accommodate 14” wide tire.

These race ramp flat stoppers are super safe for your cars and garage too.

They are safe for your garage because they are coated with a special chemical that won’t scratch your garage floor.

In addition to this, they are safe for your cars because of the fact that it will not conduct heat or cold into your vehicle’s tires despite changing floor temperatures. So this means they are perfect for your race cars. They disperse your car weight evenly and preserves tire shape during storage.

Furthermore, you will find two different sizes one is 10″ and the other is 14″ so choose one according to your vehicle wheel size and I am quite sure this will not disappoint you. you will get a pack of 4 flat stoppers so that you can protect and save your all four-wheel from flat-spotting.

I would say that if you park your car for more than 30 days, these car ramps are ideal for your car. They keep your car wheels protected. They are worth buying indeed.

  • Ideal for race car storage purpose
  • Prevent flat spotting
  • Preserves shape of your tire
  • Made up of strong material
  • Load limit is low

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7. Mophorn Heavy Duty Car Ramps

Mohphorn Heavy Duty Car RampsMophorn is a big name that offers different varieties of automotive tools. Besides this, you will find kitchen tools, lab, and scientific products, arts and crafts tools, and much more. They always focus to create the best shopping experience for their customers.

Just because of their high-quality products and outstanding customer service they have loyal and committed clients all over the world. The same goes for their car lift ramps.


So this car curb ramp is one of the finest manufacturers of Mophorn. It is not only suitable for cars only but you can easily use it for any heavy-duty vehicle which has a broad wheel size.

Because this car curb ramp has an amazing width of 10” with a length of 37 “. And you know what it has an average height of 4”. With this much dimension, this astounding car ramp lift is able to put up to 11000 of vehicle weight easily.

All thanks to its durable construction. It is made up of using industrial grade rubber that is sturdy and designed to last long.

The best part is, this product is available in multitudes of dimensions, offering different height and width. So you have the freedom to choose one best as per your needs.

For added stability, its top surface has a non-slip texture. This texture will increase friction for more safety.

Not only this, it has pre-installation mounting holes that let you install it on the desired place permanently. So that you don’t have to rush and bring Mophorn car lift ramp every time when you want to park your car in the garage.

Mophorn heavy-duty car ramps are specially designed for heavy vehicles to climb steps with ease without causing damage at different parts of cars. You can use it for cars, trucks, wheelchairs, forklift loading dock, bike, mower, and cart.

  • Versatile
  • Offers great dimensions
  • Makes climbing easy for your vehicles
  • With pre-mounted holes
  • Made up of industrial-grade rubber.
  • Quite heavy to move

Buy Mophorn Best Ramps from Amazon now

8. Nicky Nice Solid Steel Ramps

Nicky Nice Solid Steem RampsNext in the line is Nicky Nice solid steel ramp. Nicky nice is another player in the field of car ramps. They have a high quality of ramps that are quite different from the other ramps on my list.

Yes, these ramps are not made up of rubber rather they are constructed using industrial-grade steel that is super durable and robust.

Let’s talk about Nicky nice steel ramps, what else do they have.


Built with industrial-grade steel, these ramps provide ultimate weight-bearing capacity of approx 6500 pounds. This much weight loading capacity makes it suitable for cars and small vehicles. Apart from this, the material is completely rust and corrosion-free. So this means no matter how harsh the environmental elements would be, Nicky Nice steel ramp will withstand all kinds of harsh elements.

Also, the steel ramps are coated with a powder finish, which gives them extra durability.

The use of steel as construction material makes it lightweight but strong at the same time.

These 35 inches long steel ramps have raised safety ribs on both sides that make it suitable for the wheels to fix on the ramp properly.

It has an amazing dimension of 35 x13x9 inches. With these mesmerizing dimensions you can easily change the oil of your car, do repair and services and much more.

Though they are superb car ramps lift they are not suitable for big cars like vans and busses because of the limited width of 9 inches only.

Nicky nice Steel car ramp is a great choice for those people who are on a budget but still want to repair and maintain their cars by themselves.

  • Lightweight but strong
  • Durable and robust
  • Budget-friendly
  • With safety ribs on both sides.
  • They can fit wheels of 9 inches only

Buy Nicky Nice Car Ramps from Amazon now

9. RR-Scale-2 Race Ramps Car Lift

RR-Scale-2 Race Ramps Car LiftIf you are in search of some race ramps car lift then there is a glad tiding for you. your search is almost over now. I am going to review some best of the best car ramp lifts that are perfect for your race cars.

Race Ramps Scale 2 have an amazing weight-bearing limit that is 15000 pounds.


These ramps will not only be used for race cars but also heavy vehicles can be easily lifted up by using these ramps.


Race ramps are made up of solid material which is lightweight. Besides this, it has high-density foam with traction coating that makes it a perfect candidate for lifting heavy vehicles.

Its high-density material makes it a bad conductor or heat and cold. It won’t transfer the thermal energy of the floor to your vehicle’s wheel. Also, they are completely anti-skid and provides a firm grip on your tires.

They are constructed in one solid piece that adds more in its strength and stability.

Just because it is light in weight, you can easily transport it and store it.

It raises your vehicle up to 2.5” so that your race cars can glide right onto those racing scales.

Moreover, it has an 8.7 degree of angle of approach and it is capable of fixing any 10” of wheel easily.

These are the low-cost car ramps that are the best alternatives for any other factory ramps.

RR- scale 2 is an outstanding race ramp car lift that is perfect for race cars and other vehicles. Moreover, they are simple and easy to handle as they are quite light in weight.most of its customers are in love with its lightweight and portability.

Now no need to jack up your cars if you have Race ramp car ramp lifts in your garage.

  • Weighs only 3 pounds each
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for race cars
  • No cons yet

Buy Race Ramps Scale-2 from Amazon now

10. Discount Low Plastic Car Ramps

Discount Low Profile Plastic RampsLast but not least is an outstanding car lift ramp that is from the banner of Discount ramps.

The discount ramp is a popular name when it comes to different types of automotive ramps, lifts and loading docks.

They are manufacturing high-end products with exceptional customer services. The best part is, they have focused on providing high quality, durable but low-cost products that can be afforded by every audience.


There are multitudes of the reason behind the question of why I like these discount ramps.

Firstly they are the most affordable and durable.

They are a build-up of heavy-duty plastic material that is able to support the weight of 4500 pounds. You will find the honeycomb network on the surface of discount ramps that will provide stability and durability to the entire structure.

Besides this, the honeycomb structure will prevent moisture to build up in the plastic. So this way you can enhance the life of your car ramp.

Also, there is a wheel groove at the end of the ramp that will automatically stop the car from going further on the ramp.

As far as the dimensions of discount car ramp is concerned then you will be happy to know that it has mind-blowing dimension that is 27-1/2″ L x 7-3/4″ W x 2-1/2″ H. now you can easily do repair and maintenance work of your car at your home by yourself, as it can easily lift the tires up to 2.5 inches off the ground.

For a low clearance vehicle, it has a loading angle of 9.05 degrees that makes it easier for you to work on low clearance cars.

Now you don’t have to lift your vehicles using hydraulic jacks or service lifts because you have these lightweight discount ramps that weigh only 4.5 pounds each and gives excellent support to your heavy vehicles.

  • Low cost but of high quality
  • The strong and robust material
  • Honeycomb prevent moisture absorption
  • Excellent of low profile vehicle
  • Light in weight
  • Narrow for wide sport cars wheels

Buy Discounted Ramps from Amazon now


In this market full of different and competing brands, it becomes quite difficult to find one average and durable car ramp. I have tried my level best to provide you honest and detail reviews on durable and sturdy car ramps about which you will hardly find any negative comments. These car ramps lift is a lifesaver for you. they will let you work more efficiently in a more professional way.

Say goodbye to your mechanics and do all the services and repair of your car at your own garage. Not only cars, if you have mini trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, but you will also find some heavy-duty car ramps for that.

Buy one for your garage and treat your car by yourself.


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