17 Best LED Garage Lights 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Best Led Garage LightsCar repairing job becomes a difficult task when you have inappropriate or dull light, especially when you have to check the oil. A bright and properly placed light will help you to identify either it’s time to change oil or not.

If you own a portable garage, you must be aware of how difficult it is to provide a proper illuminating source to the garage.  You have to deal with power plugs and extensions and whatnot.

Now, you don’t have to deal with this mess as we have searched some Best LED Garage Lights that you can easily use in your portable garage without any hassle of installation.

LED garage lights are ultra-bright light which utilizes small watts of power and in return it reduces your electricity bill. They consume energy wisely.

Among hundreds of different lighting options, it becomes a tedious task to choose the best garage work light.

We have simplified this task by sorting out 17 best portable LED work light and decided to write a detailed review on it.

You can check our Top pick if you are not interested in reading the entire article

Besides being portable these lights are quite powerful that makes repair and maintenance job easy and convenient for you.

Reviews are further followed by a brief and concise buyer’s guide, which will tell you all those factors which you have to keep in mind while buying any portable LED garage lights.

So let’s proceeds towards the best portable LED garage lights.

Best LED Garage Lights Reviews 2020



  • Lumen: 6500
  • Watts: 60 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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  • Lumen: 3000
  • Watts: 15 W
  • Type: LED & Outdoor
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 4000
  • Watts: 50 W
  • Type: LED & Outdoor
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 7000
  • Watts: 93 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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  • Lumen: 2400
  • Watts: 100 W
  • Type: LED & Outdoor
  • Cold Temprature: 6500K
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  • Lumen: 7000
  • Watts: 60 W
  • Type: LED & Shop
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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  • Lumen: 5500
  • Watts: 55 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 3000
  • Watts: 30 W
  • Type: LED & Portable
  • Cold Temprature: 6500K
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  • Lumen: 6000
  • Watts: 60 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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  • Lumen: 1080
  • Watts: 10 W
  • Type: LED & Portable
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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  • Lumen: 5000
  • Watts: 50 W
  • Type: LED & Outdoor
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 2400
  • Watts: 10 W
  • Type: LED & Outdoor
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 6000
  • Watts: 60 W
  • Type: LED & Shop
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 3500
  • Watts: 10 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 1500
  • Watts: 30 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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  • Lumen: 5000
  • Watts: 50 W
  • Type: LED
  • Cold Temprature: 6000K
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  • Lumen: 1200
  • Watts: 30 W
  • Type: LED & Outdoor
  • Cold Temprature: 5000K
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1. LZHOME Best Led Garage Lights

LZHOME Best Led Garage LightsIf you are looking for a garage ceiling light then LZhome is there to serve you. LZHOME is the house of bright illuminating lights. You will find lights for everyday use under the banner of LZhome and the best part is, they all are of top-notch quality.

Today we have selected deformable Led light from the house of LZhome.

This work light has three LED panels which are made up of die-cast aluminum. Aluminum is a light metal that dissipates heat very effectively. That’s the reason even after switching off the light you won’t get your hands burn.

Besides this, aluminum made LED lights case are more durable.

That’s the reason it can work for 50,000 hours easily.

The three Led panels are easily adjustable. You can easily adjust them according to your needs.

Talking about the brightness of LZHOME LED work light, it gives ultra-bright light of 6500lm. If you talk about the color of light then it will give you a daylight effect as its color temperature is 5000K. Now you can enjoy the daylight effect in your dark garage.

LZHOME gives the best indoor lighting experience.

It features a total of 144 pieces of high quality LED chips that are powerful enough to produce 110 lumens per watt. Indeed your garage and workplace will appear bright and clear.

These 114 pieces will be equivalent to 300watt of incandescent bulbs and save up to 60% of your electricity bill. You know what it requires only 60 watts to work.

LZhome is simple and easy to install. It’s not a rechargeable light but yes it’s portable. You can take it anywhere and install it anywhere you like. All you need is a standard medium screw base that is E26 or E27. That’s it.

The best part is, LZhome will provide a normal lamp holder as a free gift.

LZ home is the true manufacturer of bright and durable lights that’s why they always sell their products with a warranty. Yes, you will get two years of warranty. You can contact them at any time of the day. They will surely listen and respond to your complaints.


  • Wattage: 60 W
  • Luminous flux: 6500lm
  • Color temperature: 5000K
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Ultra-bright light
  • Deformable design
  • With three led head panels
  • Durable
  • Effective heat dissipation
  • Not resistant to rust or corrosion

VERDICT: Truly bright and portable light. It can be taken anywhere without any hassle. It provides ultra-bright illumination in your garage so that you can observe each and every screw of your car.

This is the best choice. Trust me; you won’t regret your decision.


2. Hallomall Portable Rechargeable Led Work Light

Hallomall Rechargeable Led Work LightHallomall is one of the best portable work light on my list.

It is compact and can be easily carried anywhere as it weighs only 2.25 pounds.

If you are fond of camping or fishing or any adventurous activity, Hallomall work light is there to make your day. It has a high quality of lithium-ion batteries that keep it operated.

Hallomall work light has 24 pieces of LED lights. Not only this it has red and blue flashing light features also.

As it is operated by battery so it can be used as a backup power bank also.  It has two USB ports which can be used to charge two mobiles at a time.

The best part is, it has a magnetic base design with the help of which it can be placed firmly on any metal. Therefore there are fewer chances of light slipping due to vibration.

Hallomall work light is a compact and powerful floodlight. It has 360 degrees rotating spotlight that makes it easier for you to work outdoor.


  • Power: 15 W
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Color temperature: 6000k
  • LED: 24 PCs
  • Waterproof level: IPX5
  • Portable LED work light
  • Powerful floodlight
  • 360 degrees rotating spotlight
  • Can be used as power-bank when needed
  • Rechargeable
  • Charging cord is a little bit short

VERDICT: Hallomall work light is a great choice indeed, especially for DIY lovers and travelers. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry anywhere. Plus, a magnetic base is a plus point. You don’t need anyone to hold it for you. In my opinion, it’s also the best choice.


3. LEPOWER Portable Led Work Light

LEPOWER Portable Led Work LightIf you are in search of some versatile garage work light then LePower is there to help you out.

You cannot only use it in the garage, but also in front and backyard and over the fishing tank.

Just because of IPX6 waterproof technology, you can fearlessly use it outdoor. But make sure do not let it submerged in water.

It features powerful LED chips that provide a great replacement for 250watt Halogen bulbs.

Besides this, the reflector surface has a lumpy radial pattern because of which it helps saves 80% of your electricity bill.

The LePower garage work light is made up of aluminum with tempered glass. Let me tell you that the body of LePower work light is FCC certified. Furthermore, it has 59 inches of wire which is UL certified. So your safety is guaranteed.

The amazing design of LePower portable work light has a 120 degree beam angle which gives shadow-free bright light.

The best part is its heat dissipation capacity, which doesn’t let the light heat up.

LePower garage light is best suited for the home garage.


  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 50W
  • Color temperature: 6000-6500k
  • Lumen: 3500-4000
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
  • Multi-purpose
  • Energy saving
  • Bright floodlight
  • UL certified Safety plug
  • waterproof
  • Difficult to hang

VERDICT: LePower garage work light is versatile and can be used indoor and outdoor as well. Personally speaking, it’s best to be installed in a garage. Its powerful 4000 lumen gives enough light that you can work effectively even in a night time.


4. LUTEC Portable Work Lights

LUTEC Best Garage Work LightLUTEC is one of the best portable garages light and the best part is, it comes with a tripod stand.

Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to find out a tripod stand for your light. Lutec comes with the best quality of tripod stand that is made up of aluminum. It features an adjustable height, which gives you the freedom to adjust its height up to 5 ft and 6 inches. You can secure the height with the flip lock that is situated on the side of the tripod stand.

Lutec work light gives high-intensity light of 5000K color temperature. As far as the brightness is concerned, it gives powerful brightness of 7000 lumens, which means you will feel as if you are working in daylight.

Talking about the durability of Lutec garage light, its housing is made up of die-cast aluminum because of which it is quite light in weight. Also, die-cast aluminum is rust and corrosion-proof.

So there is no harm in saying that Lutec portable work light is one of the durable garage light.

It’s not rechargeable light rather it needs AC power supply. For which it has an 8 ft long power cord, which means you have the freedom to connect it anywhere in your garage.

The worth mentioning point here is, it has two lamps which are rotatable. Yes, you can rotate them up to 90 degrees vertically and 330 degrees horizontally.

Lumen garage work light features multiple grooves shaped design at the backside. The basic purpose of this design is to increase the air contact so that the heat dissipation process may speed up.

This portable garage work light is ideal to be worked outside. And you don’t have to worry about rainfall or any water splash as it has an IP56 waterproof rating.

So use it without any fear. It’s the best portable garage work light.


  • Cord length: 8 ft
  • Adjustable height up to: 5 ft 6inch
  • Color temperature: 5000 k
  • Lumen: 7000
  • Waterproof rating: IP54
  • Built-in cord wrap system
  • Powerful lumen led light
  • Rotatable lamp head
  • Height adjustable tripod stand.
  • You cannot use single light separately

VERDICT: I really like this portable garage light. It’s a true example of portability. Plus, it consumes low energy as compared to traditional halogen lamps.


5. Sonee Battery Powered Work Lights

Sonee Battery Powered Work LightsSonee rechargeable LED floodlight is FCC, RoHS and UL certified, so you can use it fearlessly without any safety concerns.

This amazing and lightweight portable light is made up of high quality of material that is die-cast aluminum. Because of which it is light in weight and has an amazing heat dissipation feature.

Apart from its durability aspect, it has 100 built-in ultra-bright LEDs which are quite energy sufficient. You will not believe that it reduces 90 % of your electricity bill.

Isn’t it impressive?

Sonee portable light features six 18650 lithium-ion batteries. These batteries need to charge properly in order to work efficiently.

While working in a garage you require different brightness of light. Sonee identify your need and introduces four built-in switchable light modes. There is low (30W), medium (60W), high (100W) and SOS light.

SOS light is basically flashing red and blue LED light. This feature is for your safety, if in case you get stuck somewhere, you can turn on SOS light to get others attention.

This is how you can adjust the brightness of light according to your work requirements.

You can adjust the direction of light with the help of its 360-degree rotatable body and stand.

Furthermore, it has a waterproof switch and charging port.

It is light in weight and compact. You can easily carry it with the help of its non-slip and rubber handle.


  • Wattage: 100watt
  • Color temperature: 6500K daylight white
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Waterproof rating: IP56
  • Battery: 2200mAh
  • Non-slip base
  • 360-degree rotatable body
  • Energy efficient
  • Four light modes
  • No cons yet

VERDICT: Sonee rechargeable garage work light is best to be used for repair and maintenance work. When you need the light of different brightness so that you can focus on your more properly.


6. HUNHUN LED Garage Lights

HUNHUN LED Garage LightsHUNHUN is a popular company that manufactures commercial grade and high-quality lights that you can use in your shops and garage. They produce work lights of flawless quality as they have a strict quality control department.

This light that I am going to review is 60 watts and has a deformable design. It is made up of an aluminum alloy which is resistant to high temperature.

As aluminum is used in its construction so it has an amazing heat dissipation function because of which it ensures that HUNHUN work light will last up to 50,000 hours.

The aluminum base panel is painted white which gives quite decent when you install it inside y our garage or shop.

HUNHUNLED work light features an adjustable design with three LED lamp heads. These lamp heads can be easily adjusted according to your desire.

Its installation is very simple; all you need is a bulb holder. Just fix it inside the holder and turn the switch on. So that it will shower its 700 lumens bright white light.

In addition to this, it will provide 5000k light color which is the best color temperature for daylight using.

HUNHUN LED garage light consumes only 60 watts of power and hence it reduces up to 60% of your electricity bill


  • Power: 60W
  • Color temperature: 5000K daylight
  • Lumen: 7000
  • Power factor: 0.95
  • Life of lamp: 50000hours
  • Waterproof rating
  • Best choice for garage and workshop
  • Deformable and adjustable design
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Quite powerful
  • No worth mentioning con yet

VERDICT: HUNHUN LED garage lights are quite an energy-efficient. Besides this, it gives an intense level of bright light so that you can perform your job effectively.


7. Ustellar Stand Working Lights

Ustellar Stand Working LightsThe next best portable work light is from the banner of Ustellar which is the house of best light and sound equipment. Their focus is to create best product so that their customers won’t have any problem with using them.

Let’s talk about their work light.

This work light which is manufactured by Ustellar is of self-standing one and has required 55 watts of power supply. Let me mention to you here that it is not a rechargeable light. But yes, its 16 ft long cord gives you the freedom to take it anywhere in our garage.

It features a unique aluminum housing with a heat dissipation unit so that the light won’t heat up upon prolong use.

It gives powerful and bright light of 5500 lumen which is more than enough to work in a garage during night time.

Ustellar 55 watt of work light is quite energy efficient. It consumes energy wisely, therefore, you will l experience up to 80% reduction in your electricity bill.

Apart from this, it can be safely used during the rainy season as it has a waterproof rating of IP56. But make sure, it does not submerge into the water.

This powerful work light can be rotated horizontally by 360 degrees and vertically by 180 degrees. It is portable and flexible.

In order to avoid any damage to the light because of vibration, the base of light has rubber caps, which will give a firm grip to the light. Now how harsh you may work, it won’t fall.

This is not the end. It has one more amazing feature. Ustellar portable work light has an adjustable brightness option. You can adjust its brightness from 28 Watt to 55 Watt depending upon your work requirement.


  • wattage: 55w
  • Color Temperature: 6000K Daylight White
  • Lumen: 5500lm
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Power Cord Length: 16ft
  • Durable
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Ideal to be used for indoor/outdoor locations
  • Saves up to 80% of electricity
  • Easy to install
  • Foam pad on the handle is not durable

VERDICT: Ustellar is the house of innovative products. This work light has two different brightness modes on which you can work. So I think it gives you the freedom to work according to your choice. Plus, you don’t need anyone to hold the light for you, as it is self-standing one.


8. GLORIOUS Portable Led Work Light

GLORIOUS Portable Rechargeable Led Work LightGLORIOUS-LITE store is the name that delivers high quality and energy-efficient products for its customers. Glorious portable garage light uses high quality of LED chips that require only 30 watts to work properly.

Yes, you read it right. It requires such a minimum amount of power and you will be amazed to know that even requiring little power it will save up to 80% of your electricity bill.

All thanks to its fish scale-like reflector design that efficiently spread much more light.

It is built with tempered glass frame cover with die-cast aluminum and metal case design, which makes it quite light in weight.

Since it is made up of aluminum so it dissipates heat very quickly. You can touch the light right after working for long hours. We do not promises that it will be cold, but yes it not like other Garage lights.

Glorious 30-watt garage light is portable and convenient. You can easily carry it with the help of its rubber handle.

It features 48 high quality LED chips that give maximum luminous flux of 3000lm.

Besides this, the light head can be moved up to the angle of 270 degrees, whereas the bolt below the light can be moved up to 360 degrees. This means you can deeply focus on your complex repair work using Glorious lite.

In addition to this, it features IP66 waterproof rating, which means you can fearlessly use it during rainy season.


  • Wattage: 30W
  • Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Luminous flux: 2700-3000lm
  • Color temperature: 6500k white light
  • Waterproof rating: IP66 level
  • Cable length: 5m
  • UL listed three pong plug
  • Amazing heat dissipation
  • Portable and convenient
  • Durable and long life span
  • On/off switch is not waterproof

VERDICT: Glorious 30-watt garage light is one of the best portable garage lights that you can gift to your friend. it utilizes a small amount of power and gives amazingly bright and white light. The cable is quite lengthy which makes it easier for you to work.


9. Olafur Best Portable Work Light

Olafus Best Portable Work LightIf you are looking for versatile garage light that can be used for different purposes, then garb your hands on this product. You will love it for sure.

Olafus is the name that is known for manufacturing top quality of lighting products.

This work light that is from the house of Olafus is 60 watts.

First talk about the durability of Olafus garage light. Its body is made up of die-cast aluminum because of which it is light in weight. You can easily carry it along with you. The high quality LED lights have a protective cover of tempered glass.

It features an innovative design that assists in the dissipation of heat. This means it dissipates heat quickly. You can wind up the Olafus light right after working. It won’t be too hot.

All these durability related features make the light more sturdier that it can be used up to 50,000 hours easily.

Besides this it has 96 ultra-bright LED chips that produce mind-blowing bright light up to 6000lm.

Olafus led work light can easily replace 400 watts of a halogen bulb and reduces your electricity bill up to 80 %.

The best part is, it has two modes of power adjustment features that is high which uses 60 watts and the second one is low which uses only 30 watts of electric current.

Furthermore, the light head is completely adjustable. You can move the light head up, down, or side to side. It’s up to you.

OLAFUS garage work light is IP65 of water-proof level, which means it can work properly in rain, snow, heat or cold environment.


  • Wattage: 60 W
  • Lumen: 6000lumens
  • Color temperature: 5000K daylight white
  • Average life: 50000 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Wire length: 6.6 ft
  • Durable
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor jobs
  • Can be used in rain and snow
  • 50,000 hours of work-life
  • Cord length is short. You will need a power extension for it

VERDICT: When I read about it, I find it one of the best bright LED light which can be used in garage, lawns, or even in shops. Also, it’s perfect to be used outdoor. Trust me; you won’t regret your decision.


10. PowerSmith Adjsutable Work Light

PowerSmith Adjsutable Work LightWPL 110S is one of the best portable garage work light. It gives a high intensity of light which makes it convenient for you to work more efficiently.

Let me mention you here it is not a rechargeable LED light rather it requires AC power supply to work properly. Its ultra-bright LED lamps require only 10 watts and in return reduce your electricity bill by up to 80%.

It gives 1080 lumen bright light with a color temperature of 5000K. This means you can work more precisely even at night time using PowerSmith LED light.

Like other portable work light, PowerSmith gives you the freedom to rotate the direction of the lamp according to your needs. You can adjust its tilting head up to t360 degrees easily. This way you will have light exactly at the point where you want.

Besides this, it has die-cast aluminum casing which dissipates heat very quickly. As it has aluminum housing so it is very light in weight.

The light lamp is welded on a metal stand which is quite rough and tough so that you can use it fearlessly for years and years.

PowerSmith LED light is perfect to be used for indoor and outdoor projects. It can be used in homes, garages, and shops.

It gives amazing illumination so that you can work with perfection.


  • Wattage: 10 watts
  • Brightness: 1080lumen
  • Color temperature: 5000k
  • Length of power cord: 5ft
  • Long-lasting
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Adjustable tilting head
  • Heat dissipates too quickly
  • The power cord is quite thick to adjust in the given bracket

VERDICT: PowerSmith PWL 110S is a powerful yet durable light. It’s compact and portable. The only thing that bothers me is its 5ft long cord, which I think is quite short as compared to the other brands. Maybe you will see improvement in their next models.


11. LEPOWER Best LED Garage Work Light

LEPOWER Best Garage Work LightLePower is repeating for the second time on my list. The reason is obvious, its quality and durability compelled me to choose one more product from the banner of LePower.

Talking about this 50 Watt powerful light, its case is build-up of die-cast aluminum and this makes it quite light.  Apart from this, its aluminum shell cools down the light immediately when the light is switched off. Therefore, you can put the light at its place right after its use.

It has ultra bright LED chips that are powerful enough to replace any 250Watt halogen bulbs. The LED chips are protected by the tempered glass which in turn enhances the longevity of the work light. Just because of its amazing durability features, its average lifespan is 30,000 hours. It can work up to 30,000 without any service.

Besides this, its light head can be easily adjusted into your desired direction. It can be rotated horizontally by 360 degrees and 180 degrees vertically. Indeed it’s super easy and flexible.

LePower makes your work convenient. Now your eyes don’t have to work hard in fixing and repairing crumbled parts of your car. LePower brightens each and every space in your garage. As it has a high quality of reflective film with the help of which beam angle can reach up to 120 degrees.

It gives amazing bright light of 5000lm with 6500K color temperature. Besides this, it has an IP66water proofing level. This makes it a perfect player to be used even in terrible weather like rainstorm or snow


  • Wattage: 50W
  • Luminous Flux: 5000 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K, White Light
  • Waterproof Rating: IP66
  • Cable Length: 5m (including the switch & plug)
  • Ultra-strong die-cast aluminum shell
  • Adjustable design
  • Can be operated in rainy and snowy weather
  • Wide-angle beam
  • No con yet

VERDICT: Once you bought LePower work light you won’t find the need for any other garage light. It has a mind-blowing performance. Also, if it gets out of order you can get it claimed.



Sunzone LED Work LightIf you are looking for a compact and portable work light solution than Sunzone is here to help you out.

Sunzone is a top-notch brand that manufactures durable and powerful lights and lamps that you can use in your home, garage, and shops or in offices.

Sunzone Small portable LED light is of 10 watts and let me tell you, you will get a pair at the price of one.

So coming back to its features!

It requires only 10 watts of the power supply but in return, it will reduce around 89% of your electricity bill.

Let me introduce to you an innovative feature of Sunzone portable work light.

It is actually a COB light that is Chips On Board, which is a new technology of LED packaging.

These COB LED chips are quite powerful and give illumination of outstanding brightness with 6000K color temperature.

It gives an amazing daylight effect.

Sunzone Portable work light features 3 different lighting modes that are High, Low and SOS.

SOS is basically a police light feature in which you will see flashing red and blue light.

Besides this, Sunzone portable work light has an IP44 water resistance level, which ensures that it performance won’t be affected in the rainy season. So you can use it for outdoor purposes too.

Like other LED work light, Sunzone garage light has also an adjustable lamp head that you can adjust up to 180 degrees easily. You can place it anywhere. It’s cordless.

Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to connect it with the power supply. All you have to do its charge its lithium-ion battery and you are ready for an adventurous trip.


  • Wattage: 10W
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Waterproof rating: IP44
  • Luminous flux: 1000 lumens
  • Battery operated portable garage light
  • Perfect for camping and hiking
  • Handheld size
  • Chips onboard technology
  • Since they are small in size you need more than two for your garage

VERDICT: Sunzone small portable garage light are handheld in size and gives bright light that is enough for doing complex task. You will get a pair of these lights in the price of one.


13. Malcolm Best Led Garage Lights

Malcolm Best Led Garage LightsThe next one on my list of best portable garage light is from the house of Malcolm lighting service.

This amazing deformable portable light features a simple and easy installation. All you want is a small bulb holder that can hold this light.

The body is made up of aeronautical grade aluminum. It has three LED panel heads which are also made up of aluminum which means you can touch them easily right after switching off. They won’t get heat up.

These 3 LED panel heads are completely adjustable. You can fold them at 90 degrees of open them widely up to 360 degrees. They will provide powerful illumination at every corner.

It requires only 60 watts of power supply and gives astonishingly power and a bright light of 6000 luminous flux.

Malcolm LED lights provide white light illumination so that you can concentrate on your job deeply.

Not only this, it’s long-lasting and durable one. It has an average life span of 50,000 hours.


  • Wattage: 60W
  • Luminous flux: 6000lm
  • Color temperature: 6000-6500k
  • Average life span: 50,000 hours
  • Powerful and bright LED light
  • Fully adjustable LED lamp head panel
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Not for outdoor use

VERDICT: Malcolm’s portable work light is compact and space-saving. It brightens your garage or shop. But you have to be very careful while using it in the rainy season, as the damp environment can harm them.



Sunvook LED Work LightSunvook is a real example of portable garage light. You can literally take it anywhere. It’s chargeable.

It features powerful lithium-ion batteries that once fully charge will give you bright and white light.

It can give you unlimited bright light up to 22 hours depending upon different brightness levels.

The most distinguishing feature of Sunvook portable work light is, it has 15 different lighting modes and the best part is, these modes are adjustable.

Sunvook LED light can provide daylight white. Warm light, warm white and 5 other different lighting modes which include high-medium0-low-dark and SOS.

So with Sunvook portable light, you have the freedom to enjoy lights of different brightness.

As far as the durability of Sunvook LED light is concerns it is made up of die-cast aluminum and is 100% leak-proof, wear-resistant and waterproof. It meets IP65 level of water resistance. This means you can safely use Sunvook light on rainy days.

This is not the end; it serves as a power bank too. Its 10,000mAh power bank can effectively charge your smartphones during your road trip.

Sunvook small portable LED light is equipped with the heat sink. The basic purpose of the heat sink is to dissipate the heat effectively. So that your hands won’t burn out when you pick up the light as soon as it is switched off.

This lightweight LED work light comes with 12 months of warranty.


  • Weight: 330g
  • Battery type: lithium polymer battery
  • Luminous flux: 1000 lm
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certified
  • Portable LED light plus powerful power bank
  • 15 adjustable modes
  • Can work up to 22 hours.
  • Amazing product with no flaws at all

VERDICT: Sunvook LED work light is simple, compact and easy to handle as it has an adjustable handle.  You can carry it along with you whenever you want but the point is, it has to be charged completely.


15. XQOOL LED Work Light

XQOOL LED Work LightSonee LED garage light is the true example of uniqueness along with perfection. Sonee rechargeable LED lights come with high-capacity 18650 batteries. They are super bright with astonishing features. Let’s have a look.

It features super bright and rechargeable COB LED work light which gives 1500-3000 lumen powerful brightness. Sonee Led work light is not only a single work light. It has a built-in flashlight and built-in power bank feature.

It is equipped with a 4400mAh powerful power bank, which can efficiently charge your smartphones and other devices.

These bright LED lights can be used for a good 3-4 hours continuously in high light mode.

With the help of its adjustable handling bracket, you can adjust it in 6 different positions. This makes it convenient for you to use it in different scenarios.

SONEE battery-powered portable LED work light has 4 switchable lighting modes which include side beam, high brightness, low brightness, and SOS light. This helps you in every kind of situation so that you can get the job easily.

Furthermore, it has water and impact-resistant design. Even if you splash water from every angle on the light it will not be damaged at all since it has an IPX4 waterproof rating.


  • Weight: 0.65 pounds
  • Battery type: three alkaline batteries
  • Color temperature:
  • Luminous flux
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • Life-span:100,000
  • Built-in power bank function
  • Built-in flashlight and work light function
  • Dust-proof and waterproof
  • Super bright and power-efficient
  • The battery cover has no waterproofing at all

VERDICT: Indeed it is one of the best work light and emergency power supply solutions in your home. It can be used indoor and outdoor as well. Ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, and emergency roadside repairs.



Tacklife Waterproof Work LightsTackLife power efficient work light is made up of high-quality material that has configured high-grade lamp beads and circuits so that TackLife work light can give 100lm per watt.

From a durability point of view let me add that it has a tempered glass panel that protects the LED chips inside. This enables the durability of LED lights and it can withstand any hard pressure easily.

In addition to this, it has a robust aluminum case which makes it quite light in weight. It efficiently dissipates heat and won’t let the device heat up. All thanks to its cross design back cover that extend the life of LED garage light.

The ultra-bright and powerful 100 Led lights can easily replace the 400w of halogen bulbs. These 100 LED lights require on 50 watts to work but you will be amazed to know that this powerful and bright light could save up to 80% of your electricity bill.

Besides this, it is 2.5 kg in weight and can be carried easily anywhere because of its rubber grip handle.

Not only this, but it also has a built-in IP65 waterproof standard that keeps the light safe from dust and water. Also, the casing is completely corrosion and rustproof.

Tacklife garage work light could be your great companion during the repair and maintenance of your car.


  • Wattage: 50 watt
  • Luminous flux: 5000
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Portable
  • Solid built
  • Waterproof
  • Power efficient
  • ETL certified
  • No cons yet

VERDICT: Well, this one is super bright and amazing light which makes your repair job easy and convenient. Plus it is a self-standing one LED light so you won’t need anyone to hold the light for you.


17. WARSUN Portable LED Rechargeable Work Light

WARSUN Best Garage Work LightLastly Warsun Portable LED light which is the true example of Portability. It’s a handheld size of rechargeable light that is powerful enough to provide you enough light

Basically, the Warsun LED light is a COB light that requires only 30 Watts to work properly. This 30 W power is enough to illuminate the COB light with the brightness of 1200 lumen.

It features two built-in rechargeable 1800mAh lithium-ion batteries. Besides this,, it has a USB port with the help of which you can charge your mobile and other devices.

Talking about the design of Warsun rechargeable Led light it has an innovative hook design and bracket design. With the help of hook design, you can hang it on any object.

Whereas, with the help of bracket design you have the freedom to place the light on any flat surface like a desk or chair. Bracket design is similar to the bracket of photo frames.

In addition to this, it features magnetic adsorption too. Warsun work light has a built-in strong magnet which can be attached to any metal surface such as a car. This means you can attach it with the surface of your car and can check your car during roadside.

As far as its functions are concerns it has three modes functions. In simple words, it gives three levels of brightness that will help you in all kinds of an emergency situations. Besides this, it has SOS flashlight which makes it easier to get others attention

The best part is, it is quite easy to switch between these three modes.

Warsun Led light is rechargeable and above all it’s cordless. You can take it anywhere with you.


  • Wattage: 30 watt
  • Weight: 9.6 ounce
  • Luminous flux:1200 lumen
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
  • Work time: 4-12 hours
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Magnetic adsorption
  • Button nailing design
  • Super bright COB light
  • Portable and versatile
  • Not completely waterproof

VERDICT: Small and handheld size LED light makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere. It does not take too much space. You can keep it in your car’s dashboard for emergency purposes. Indeed it’s the best rechargeable garage work light.


LED Garage Lights Buyers Guide 2020

Garage work lights are must-have for every portable garage owner. With the help of these lights, you can work more efficiently.

Buying a best-LED garage light could be a cumbersome task. Which one to choose, which ones not to choose, it becomes a weighty question. And especially when there are so many advanced options available in the market. But the question that pops up here is every garage light worth to buy?

So for your convenience, we have compiled a brief and concise portable work light buyer’s guide that will help you to select one best LED garage light for your portable garage.

Let’s have a look at factors that you must keep in mind while buying Led garage lights.


First and the foremost factor that you need to consider while buying anything is its construction and material. When it comes to LED lights, there are different types of material used in its construction. These materials are actually responsible for the durability of the LED light.

It’s better to look for such a garage work light that is built using high-quality material. Preferably die-cast Aluminum material is considered as the durable material for LED garage lights.

The reason behind its recommendation is, it dissipates heat more efficiently than any other material. Not only this but also it is rust and corrosion-proof.

Another choice of material is PVC. You can choose LED lights that have PVC casing, as PVC is water and moisture-proof. Also, it is light in weight.


One of the most important factors that you have to keep in mind while buying garage light is the wattage.

The wattage of lights is an extremely important point. It is basically the measure of electrical power. Wattage and electric power is directly proportional to each other. Let me simplify it for you; the higher the wattage number the more will be consumption of electrical power, hence the more brighter the light will be.

With the advancement of technology, we have now power-saving lighting options such as energy savers and LED bulbs.

Talking about LED garage lights, an LED light requires less wattage and hence they consume less power. But this less power doesn’t compromise on the brightness of the light. LED lights will give amazing brightness even when working on less wattage.


Lumen is basically the output unit of light. It is the total amount of light that is visible to the human eye.

As a rule of thumb, higher the lumen rating, brighter the light will be, irrespective of the required wattage.

Lumen is the actually number that denotes how bright the light will be. If you want to calculate how much bright a light will be, simply divide the lumens by the watt. You will get a figure which denotes a proper brightness that will be provided by that particular LED light.

While buying a LED garage light, it is preferable to look for LED light with 600 to 720 lumens. If your garage gets completely dark during night time then I would advice you to look for LED lights with lumen output greater than 3000.


When it comes to anchoring system of LED garage lights we have two different options:

  • Handheld
  • Self-standing one

Talking about hand-held LED lights. It’s the light that you or someone would have to hold during working. Most of the hand-held LED lights are not as much powerful as self-standing one.

But yes exceptions are always there. Hand-held LED lights are perfect for DIY enthusiasts, as for professional mechanics it would be quite difficult to hold the light and get the job done.

They are ideal for working in small or dark or compact place. They produce 150 to 500 lumen which is quite sufficient!

In contrast to this, self-standing LED lights are perfect to be used by professionals, as they are way brighter than the former option. Plus you don’t need any labor to hold the light.

In self standing lights you will see big and medium sized self standing lights. The former one is exceptionally bright LED light. Usually, they are supported by a tripod stand. They are ideal for complex repair jobs and produce 5000 lumens which means they are amazingly bright.

As far as the medium size self-standing Led lights are concerned, they are not too big in size and they have a small standing platform because of which they provide hands-less bright light.


The most crucial point to consider is the power source, without which your LED light would be of no use.

You have two options for power source:

One is AC power supply and the second is battery-operated LED light.

Both are excellent in terms of performance but if you are habitual of working outdoors or in remote areas, then battery operated LED garage light would be ideal.

On the other hand, for professional purposes, AC powered ELD lights are more useful. As there isn’t any issue of charging them frequently. Plus they can work for long hours on AC power supply.


The safety of the user is of prime utmost importance. While buying portable LED garage lights, look for lights that are certified by Underwriter Laboratories or Edison Testing Laboratory. This will assure you that these lights have met the highest safety standards and are totally harmless to use.


Are work lights waterproof?

Yes, the majority of the work lights are waterproof. Some have IP64 level of water resistance, while some have IP65 and IP66 waterproof rating.

How many lumens do I need for a work light?

Well, you will need 2500-5000 lumens of light if your garage is of 250 square feet.

How bright is 1800 lumens?

40 Watt incandescent lamp produces only 380-460 lumens and uses 40 Watts of energy per hour. 100 Watt incandescent lamp produces 1700 – 1800 lumens and uses 100 Watts of energy per hour. Direct sunlight is around 100k lumens and uses no amount of energy per hour.

Are LED lights brighter than fluorescent?

Yes, Led lights are much brighter than fluorescent lamps, even when both are using at the same wattage.

Can LED lights cause a fire?

Not at all, LED lights do not emit light from vacuum like other bulbs which causes fire because of overheating. With LED lights there are no chances of overheating. Therefore Led lights do not cause a fire.

Should I replace fluorescent with LED?

Yes, you should replace them with LED as they are energy efficient.

Do Led lights use less power than fluorescent?

Yes, LED bulbs are power efficient they use 2-17 watts of energy.


A portable LED work light is indeed a great option to work on your car. They will provide sufficient bright light that you can effectively do your job. Not only in the garage, but you can also keep them in your car and take them with you. So that they won’t leave you helpless during roadside emergencies.

Portable work light could be the best gift option for your friend. They are quite multi-purpose such as Sunvook portable LED light. It is not only a rechargeable light but it’s a power-bank too with all necessary safety certifications.

Still, if you are undecided about the best garage light, then jot down the important points from our extensive buyers’ guide and decide by yourself.

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