Best Portable Garage Hoist 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Best Portable Garage HoistA hoist is a mechanical device that is used to lift, pull or move heavy loads by applying small amounts of force. This technology is getting fame worldwide for making your complex work easier. A hoist can be used at construction sites, in factories or even in-car garages.

On this page, you will get to know about some Best Portable Garage Hoists of 2020.

Generally, garage hoists system is used to lift or pull heavy vehicle parts such as engines, car frames and etc. with the help of garage hoist it becomes easier to fulfill the job without adding further labor into it.

You must be aware of two common hoist types that are manual and electric hoists. Manual hoist works manually in which force is exerted by hands on a series of gears or pulleys so that the heavy object can be lifted easily, whereas, in the electric hoist, there is a powerful motor attached to the hoist system

For people who love to do repair and maintenance of their car by own self, portable electric hoists are the best option for their portable home garage.

There are numerous automotive tools brands that are manufacturing garage hoist, but where the shoe pinches is, which one is best.

So, after extensive research, we have brought reviews of some best garage hoist for you, which include both electric and manual hoist.

We have tried our level best to provide you with genuine information that will help you in choosing one best garage hoist for your car garage.

Best Portable Garage Hoists Reviews


  • Load: 5 Ton 
  • Height: 10 ft
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  • Load: 2200 lbs 
  • Height: 10 ft
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  • Load: 1100 lbs
  • Height: 5 ft
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  • Load: 1 Ton 
  • Height: 15 ft
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  • Load: 1 Ton 
  • Height: 50 ft
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    • Load: 440 lbs
    • Height: 16 ft
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  • Load: 1650 lbs
  • Height: 20 ft
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  • Load: 880 lbs
  • Height: 39 lbs
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  • Load: 10 Ton 
  • Height: 30 ft
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1. Torin Best Portable Hoist to buy in 2020

Torin Best Garage HoistTORIN has been serving its customers since 1968. It’s one of the famous brands for producing and manufacturing high-quality automotive repair and maintenance products. Above all, Torin provides the best and professional after-sale services to its customers, which is a great reason for the immense popularity of Torin.

Talking about this garage hoist, like other products, this is also one of the best quality hoists that you will find. That’s the reason I am discussing it at first.

It is made up of durable steel construction that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

This manual hand lift chain hoist is of amazing color combination, which is red and black. This combination gives it quite a professional look.

The chain is ¼” inch of diameter, which is constructed from premium 20Mn2 alloy steel.  Furthermore, the chain is coated with black oxide just to make it protective against corrosion and grime.

This amazing garage hoist has an outstanding weight lifting capacity that is of 10,000 pounds or you can say that it can easily lift 5tons of weight easily. Now you don’t need to lift heavy materials in your garage manually. Juts use Torin hoist and make your work easier. For your information, it can lift any heavy material up to the height of 10 ft.

It is available in different weight lifting capacity ranging from 1 ton till 5 ton, but obviously, there will be a difference in price too.

Apart from this, it is fitted with an outstanding mechanical load brake that gives you the opportunity to work precisely. Besides this, it has 2 heavy-duty steel hooks along with a safety latch clasp that can rotate easily to the 360-degree rotation without even twisting or bending.

And you know what manufacturer has focused so much on the quality that they have mounted rotating components on roller ball bearings just to reduce friction and increase efficiency.

Besides this, you will find some load-sharing gears in the chain hoist. These gears make it easier for you to lift heavy weights easily. With the help of these load sharing gears, you can load and unload different goods.

Torin TR9050 is ideal to be used in garage, factories, workshops, warehouses and construction sites.

The chain and gear system are protected by the cold roll steel cover, which protects the chain and gear system against dust and dirt.

Furthermore, Torin best garage hoist meet and exceed the ASME B30.16 overhead hoist safety standards. This means safety is 100 % guaranteed when you used Torin TR9050 in your portable garage.

  • With mechanical load brake
  • Amazing weight lifting capacity
  • One of the best portable hoist
  • Durable and easy to operate
  • Ideal to be used in industries and garage.
  • It’s a flawless item with no cons in it

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2. SuperHandy Manual Chain Hoist

SuperHandy Manual Chain HoistWell, here comes the hoist that is my recommendation to you. If you ever asked me about the Best Portable Hoist lift, I will always recommend SuperHandy Manual chain hoist.

Like its name SuperHandy, it manufactures super durable products which are handy as well. It’s the brand which is endorsed by big industrial giants because it’s a brand that manufactures high-end quality of products that perform with superior performance.

Talking about the chain hoist of SuperHandy, I would say it’s simply amazing.

It has a jaw-dropping weight lifting capacity that is more than enough for your garages. Yes, it can lift up to 2200lbs of weights easily.

You read it right. Lifting 997 kilograms of weights is not a big deal for SuperHandy

Talking about its design, it has an aluminum alloy hand wheel which is meant for lifting and dragging heavy materials. Besides this it has a heavy-duty 20MN2 alloy steel chain with is of 4mm in diameter. This heavy-duty chain is coated with premium black oxide so that it remains protected from rust and corrosions.

The hoist body is covered with cold-rolled just to enhance the durability of the chain hoist

As far as its lifting capacity is concerned it can lift the weights up to the height of 10ft, which is not bad at all since its lifting 997kgs of heavy material in one go easily.

In order to make the task easy for chain hoist, it has load sharing gears which make lifting heavy loads easier.

Further adding in your information that the SuperHandy manual chain hoist is built to meet and exceed ASME overhead Hoist regulations. Not only this, it is OSHA approved and it has qualified cull quality tests as well.

The design of this portable hoist lift is quite amazing. It can easily work in a low headroom. Thus making it suitable to be used in your home garages.

Not only home garages it can be used in industries as well as have all the specifications as per industry standards such as it has a dual pawl brake system along with ductile Drop-forged safety stamped latch and swivel hooks. And you know what its swivel hooks have the capability to rotate at 360 degrees. Isn’t it amazing?

Superhandy has focused greatly on the comfort of its users that’s why their hoist lift is not too much heavy also, they have included an ergonomic rubber hand grip which is meant to give better comfort and security to its users.

SuperHandy is a hoist that is simple and efficient to use. It is equipped with a durable and hardened chain, because of which I would recommend this portable chain hoist. Indeed it’s worth buying.

  • Amazing durability and endurance
  • Mind-blowing weight lifting capacity
  • OSHA and ASME certified
  • With super durable and hardened chain
  • Can lift up to the height of 5 ft
  • It can easily fit into a small space.
  • No cons yet

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3. Amarite Small Portable Hoist

Amarite Small Portable HoistIf you are looking for some small and handy garage hoist that can easily lift not much heavy weighs than I would say, grab your hands on Amarite Small Portable hoist. Its indeed one of the best portable hoist for your garages.

Also, it’s the best choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Amarite hoist is not too big. It’s handy and small in size with lightweight construction. It has aluminum alloy steel cover because of which it becomes one of the lightweight hoists.

You will be amazed to know that it weighs only 5 lbs. even its too much lighter in weight it can lift the maximum weight of 1100 lbs. I would say you can do a lot more in your garage with Amarite portable hoist.

It does not have any complex specifications. It is simple and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about its installation. Just use it directly; indeed it’s simple and convenient

Amarite mini lever hoist can be operated in any position and in any direction.

Apart from this, you will find a handle with a rubber anti-slip pad on it, which provides more stability during use.

For the safety of your valuables, it has a safety automatic mechanical brake that will protect your belongings from any mishap.

Besides this, you will find the superior quality of hook clip with a non-slip handwheel.

Amarite has used high-quality parts in its hoist. Be it its chain or hook clip. Each and every thing is of superior quality. It has a hardened and durable chain which provides the hoist enough strength that it can lift 1100 lbs up to the height of 5ft easily.

Make sure not to exceed its weight lifting limit, otherwise, your hoist will be damaged. Amarite will not take any responsibility for such kinds of damage.

Overall, I would say that Amarite small portable hoist is perfect for your home garage. It’s perfect for those people who don’t have enough time for installing products.  The best thing is you will hardly find any negative comment about. Indeed one of the best mini hoists you will find today.

  • CE certified
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great for a small lift
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No need for installation
  • No cons yet

Buy Amarite Small Portable Hoist from Amazon now

4. Neiko Best Chain Hoist

Nekio Chain HoistHere comes the giant of chain hoists.

Neiko is the real player of the hoist. You will find the amazing quality of hoists at Neiko and above all, you will love its construction.

Neiko manual chain hoist can be used anywhere be it a shopping mall, a construction site or a car workshop. You can install it anywhere. It’s ideal to be used for lifting heavy objects.

Though Neiko portable garage hoist is quite expensive but trust me its quality worth this much price.

This model of Neiko is known as 02182A and its build with high-quality material.

Its strong and robust chain is made out of 20MN2 steel and black oxide. And you know what; it’s treated with heat to give it more strength and durability. With the help of this durable chain, 02182A is capable of lifting approximately 1 ton of weights easily. All thanks to its diameter that is 0.64 cm.

The lifting range of Neiko chain hoist is far better than the other manual chain hoist on my list. It can lift up to a height of 15 ft easily.

Furthermore, it has a hook for lifting heavy objects which is not a new thing of course, but what’s new to you is, this hook is made up of hardened forged steel and black oxide which is further treated with heat.

For safety purposes, you will find some brakes in the hoist. These brakes are meant to stop the moving heavy object from hitting the surrounding object.

This portable hoist lift is quite easy to move, as it weighs only 11 kg. This means its mobility is not a big issue.

Neiko 02182A is quite simple to use. Just attach the grab hook to the weight and then pull one of the chains down. That’s it. Your weight is lifted now. But make sure don’t pull the chains too fast otherwise it will damage the hoist. Also, keep the chains straight in order to avoid chain jamming.

Overall, Neiko 02182A is one of the best chain hoists. Though it’s quite expensive but trust me, you won’t regret buying it. If you can afford it, I would suggest just buy it, it will be used by your fore coming generations.

  • One of the best portable chain hoist
  • The lifting chain is made up of durable material.
  • With safety brakes
  • Amazing lifting height.
  • A heavier load may damage the brakes

Buy Nekio Chain Hoist from Amazon now

5. XSTRAP Heavy Duty Rope Hoist

XSTRAP Heavy Duty Rope HoistIf you are really in search of some hoist that can lift the objects to the more height then I will recommend buying Xstrap heavy-duty chain rope hoist. It has an amazing weight lifting limit.

But let’s first introduces Xstrap.

Xstrap is not a company that manufactures lift and hoist rather it’s a company that deals with items used in cargo. Like ropes, ratchet tie-downs and rope hoist. Besides this customization is their art.

They customize their products according to your specific needs. Their ropes and bungees are of topmost quality and when it comes to durability, Xstrap always wins. So let’s see what else does this Xstrap heavy duty rope hoist features.

It can lift the weight up to the maximum height of 50fts. Like other hoists on the list, it does not have a heavy-duty and hardened chain. Rather you will find a long-lasting and rugged rope for lifting objects.

The rope is made up of polypropylene which gives outstaying durability and strength to the entire rope.

Besides this, its housing is made up of heavy-duty material which is plated with zinc to make it rust-proof and corrosion-proof.

As mention earlier, it has a jaw-dropping weight lifting capacity that is of 50 ft and you know what it can lift up to 1 ton of weight easily. So Xstrap rope hoist is perfect to be used in open areas like construction sites.

Since Xstrap is a rope hoist that’s why its personal weight is too light. It can be easily carried anywhere since it is light in weight. That’s the reason it is one of the best portable garage hoists.

You can safely use it to lift heavy objects because it has safety hooks that hold hoist safely in place.

Xstrap portable hoist is not only to be used in garages and sites, but you can also use it for hunting and boating. Its versatile and multipurpose rope hoist.

  • Perfect for construction sites
  • Mind-blowing weight lifting height
  • Can bear 1 ton of weight easily
  • Made up of durable rope.
  • Rope tangles

Buy XSTRAP Heavy Duty Rope Hoist from Amazon now

6. Partsam Electric Crane Hoist

Partsam Electric Crane HoistWhen it comes to portable electric crane hoist Partsam is the name that strikes the mind first.

Partsam is well-known for manufacturing high-end electric crane hoist which go through multiple tests to meet the manufacturing standards of a hoist. This electric crane is has gone through two tests that is Anti-heat data test and anti-heat resistor test, which are the two most important safety process.

Now lest talk about this amazing crane.

This hoist is powered by an electric motor, which requires 110 volts and 4.1A of current. You need to provide 460W of input power for its working. With the help of a motor, it becomes quite easier to lift weights and you don’t have to pull cables like in manual hoist.

Talking about is weight-bearing capacity, it can bear 220lb if you use it in a single line whereas if you use it in double lines then t can bear 440 pounds of weights easily.

Now let’s see till what height it can lift the weights. So for your information, it can lift up to 38ft if you use in a single line and when you use it in a double line, it can lift the heavy objects up to the top height of 19 ft.

As Partsam hoist has an electric motor whose speed is a worth mentioning point here. The hoist can move objects with a speed of 33ft/min and 16ft/min in single and double lines respectively. All thanks to its motor which is of 0.616 horsepower. Besides this, the motor is made up of copper wire which is durable and long-lasting.

The portable crane hoist has steel wire also, which is of 012 inches and you know what the strength of wire rope is greater than equal to 1870 N/m which is perfect to be used for lifting huge and heavy objects.

Also, the steel wire rope is zinc-plated and heat-treated and the best part is this steel cable is anti- rotate so there is no hassle of rope being tangled.

This electric crane hoist is functional and flexible to be used you can use it for various purposes.

Its installation is quite simple and easy. It works in both ways either horizontal or vertical. In both ways, it can lift heavy objects.

  • Copper wired motor
  • Can be installed in vertical and horizontal
  • Works on a single and double line
  • Can lift and move heavy objects in a speedy manner
  • For indoor use only

Buy Partsam Electric Crane Hoist from Amazon now

7. Happybuy Portable Garage Hoist

Happybuy Best Portable Garage HoistHappybuy is the brand that is master of manufacturing high-quality hoist. This will never gonna disappoint you I am sure. Their hoist has been manufactured by keeping in mind the point of handiness and super durability. That’s the reason I have included one more garage hoist of Happybuy.

Without further delay lets through some lights on the features of this Happybuy portable garage hoist.

One word for it, it’s outstanding. Trust me.

It has amazing and mind-blowing weight lifting capacity that is more than enough for you if you are buying it for your garage.  It can lift 1650 lbs of weight easily. And lifting this much weight is truly an easy task for Happybuy garage hoist.

As far as its design is concerned it has aluminum alloy hand wheel which is for lifting and dragging heavy objects. Not only this, it has a heavy-duty 20MN2 alloy steel chain which is of 4.3mm in diameter. In order to enhance the longevity of the steel chain, it is coated with premium black oxide so that it remains protected from corrosion and rust.

Also, the entire hoist body is covered with cold-rolled just to make it more durable and robust.

Talking about the lifting capacity of the Happybuy portable garage hoist, it can lift 748kg of a heavy object up to the height of 20ft easily.

In order to make this lifting process easier, you will find some load sharing gears which makes it easy for a hoist to lift heavyweights.

One more amazing feature that all hoists of Happybuy have is, this hoist is built to meet and exceed ASME overhead Hoist regulations. Not only this, it is OSHA approved and it has qualified cull quality tests as well.

Furthermore, the design of this portable hoist lift is superb. It’s ideal for working in low headroom. That’s the reason it is perfect to be used in garages and industries. You will glad to know that it has met the specifications of industry standards such as you will find a dual pawl brake system in it, which is backed by ductile drop-forged safety stamped latch and swivel hooks. These hooks have the ability to move and rotate in all directions.


Safety and comfort of the user is the prime focus of Happybuy that’s why this portable hoist comes with an ergonomic rubber hand grip which is for giving a higher level of comfort and security to its users.

In the end, Happbuy portable garage hoist is durable and makes you work efficiently. Besides this you can use it easily; its installation is not much complicated. In a nutshell, it’s worth buying.

  • In terms of durability, it’s perfect
  • It can lift heavy weights easily
  • OSHA and ASME certified
  • Its chain is made up of durable and hardened material
  • Can lift up to the height of 20 ft
  • It can fit into low ceiling places easily.
  • No cons yet

Buy Happybuy Portable Garage Hoist from Amazon now

8. Champion Electric hoist

Champion Electric Ceiling hoistChampion Power Equipment is one of the market leaders in power generation equipment. They have been providing dependable and durable power products for ages and you know what their products are designed and engineered in the US for worldwide markets. Their basic aim is to give enough power to you to make your work easier.

Their hoist is an ever-living example of their aim. This electric hoist is quite powerful and gives enough power to you so that you can efficiently perform your work without any break.

Campion’s portable electric hoist comes with remote control and pulley hook that gives you amazing lifting power which you need to work in your garage or shops.

It has 850 watts of electric motor that is perfect to lift heavy objects.  The motor is of 1.10hp and requires 120volts to work properly

You can work in on single line and double line as well. You will find a pulley hook for dual line operation.

In a single line, it can lift 440 lbs with a speed of 33fpm whereas on dual-line it can lift 880 pounds at the speed of 16 fpm.

Champion portable electric garage hoist is one of the durable and powerful garages hoists that you will find on my reviews list. It has a hard, durable and strong cable of about 39.4ft

Apart from this, it has an automatic braking system that makes lifting and carrying different objects easier. Also, it protects the object from sudden clashing.

Champion electric hoist is worth buying if you are looking for an electric hoist. It has a mind-blowing weight lifting capacity. Not only this, it can lift the weights up to the height of 39 ft easily. I would say that it’s simply amazing.

  • One of the best electric hoist
  • Hardened and strong cable
  • The cable is quite lengthy
  • Can lift objects up to the height of 39ft easily
  • Works on both single line and double line
  • Powered with a powerful electric motor.
  • You need to mount it properly to work

Buy Champion Electric hoist from Amazon now

9. Jet S90 Hand Chain Hoists

Jet S90 Best Portable Garage HoistLast on my list is from the house of Jet tools, which is a very popular hoist manufacturer. Its expertise is in manual chain hoist.

This one is S90, which is a manual chain hoist. It’s designing and manufacturing is of superior quality. Above all, you will fall in love with its chain and its durability. It’s made up of 20Mn2 alloy steel that is one of the durable materials used for hoist’s chain.

This small portable hoist is capable of lifting huge and heavyweights. You will be amazed to listen its lifting capacity. It can lift up to 10 tons of weight up to a height of 30 ft.

Yes, isn’t it jaw-dropping?

It seems small, but in performance, it can beat any heavy-duty hoist easily.

It has a dual pawl brake system which is not an ordinary one; rather it’s of Weston style. This brake system increases the safety of users and objects.

Furthermore, the hooks are extremely strong and durable. They are made up of alloy steel and has the ability to rotate in all direction. Or in other words, you can say that it can rotate for a good 360 degrees easily.

Talking about the design of hoist, it’s so compact and space-saving. Also, it has a needle bearing design that promotes long hoist life with low wear reducing downtime.

If I summarize my review about JetS90 I would say, it is one of the best portable small hoists. It is ideal to be used in garages and industries. It does not require too much storage space. Also, its maintenance and service is quite easy. It’s highly recommended.

  • Alloy steel hooks
  • Amazing lifting capacity
  • Can lift up to 30 ft easily
  • Rugged and robust steel chain
  • Easy to use
  • No cons yet

Buy Jet S90 Hand Chain Hoists from Amazon now


Garage hoists are the most useful tools that have to be there in your garage. You can do a lot more even if you have a small portable hoist. It can make your work easier and you don’t need to have multiple manpower to do your work.

By the end of this article, I am sure you must have made up your mind about a particular garage hoist. I would say, make a one-time investment for your garage, buy one hoist that is durable and has amazing lifting capacity and say goodbye to extra laborers.

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