How to Anchor Portable Garage – Detailed Guide of 2020

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

How to anchor portable GarageHaving a portable garage is a great idea to protect your cars and other types of equipment from harsh weather elements.

But what if your portable garage is not secured properly?

Your cars and all valuables will be at great risk. Not only this, but your portable shed can also fly away any time during windy season leaving your valuables exposed for thieves.

Quite scary?

Today we will reveal how to secure a portable garage properly.

Keep in mind that securing a portable garage to the ground does not mean at all that it has now become a permanent garage.

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

These portable sheds will remain portable. You can move them anywhere whenever you want.

How to Anchor Portable Garage

Let’s have a look at how you can install a portable garage:

A portable garage is the lifesaver option if you don’t have a proper parking space for your car, SUVs or boat. You can even keep your garden equipment in it.

They are simple and quite easy to install.

Just follow these three steps and your garage is ready to accommodate your car

Here you go


While installing a portable garage, it is necessary to have a proper place where you can install it.

The place should be according to your needs. It should be accessible. You can easily go there and park your car or keep your belongings over there. Also, look for a place that has leveled ground. If

In short, location is the key factor that you have to keep in mind while installing a portable car garage.


A portable garage is a shed that you can secure from the ground. To strengthen them properly, you need to have appropriate tools and kits for it.

For this purpose, there are several anchor kits available in the market that will keep the portable shed at its place no matter how harsh the weather will.

These kits comprise of anchors that can be installed easily and the best part is, you can take it down when you want to move your shed to some other place.

Let me add to your information, that there are several different types of anchors depending upon the type of surface where you want to install a portable garage.

Take a look

Anchors for earth surface

If you are planning to secure your portable garage on the earth’s surface, like your lawn where there is lots of grass and soil, then “EARTH ANCHORS” will be the best option.

Earth anchors are easy to use. They can be pushed down into the ground without applying extra pressure. The best part is, they give firm stability to the portable garage, as they secure the garage tightly to the ground.

Anchors for asphalt foundations

Well, if your portable garage is installed on the cement surface, road tar or asphalt then the earth anchors will not be useful. To secure your portable garage on asphalts or tough surfaces, you need to have anchors that have hooks.

Generally, they are known as “easy hook anchors”.

They are made up of solid steel and are very easy to pull and secure. You have to drill in the asphalt foundation so that holes of anchors can easily embed into it.

Another option for such type of ground is Ratchet Tite Anchors. It is basically a combination of easy hooks drive anchors and ratchet. They are also very easy to install and gives firm stability to your garage.

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Anchors for concrete or packed soil

The best option to secure a portable garage on such type of ground is Auger-Anchors. These are heavy-duty anchors that are made for heavy-duty and huge portable car sheds, as these sheds need to be secure more firmly.

Normal anchors are unable to give firm support to heavy-duty portable garages. Auger-anchors are an excellent choice when it comes to securing a huge portable car garage.


As mention earlier portable garages are quite simple and easy to install. They are light in weight and don’t require any special tool for assembling purposes.

But it’s a wise idea to get a helping hand. Working alone will reduce your efficiency.

Make a team of two to three people who will help you in bringing the parts together and making up a frame. This way you can get your job done in a fast and quick manner.


Once you have built your team, now mark the area where you want to install your portable garage. This marking should be done according to the dimensions of a portable garage.

With the help of your team set up the poles and brace them. Do not forget to follow the portable garage assembly instructions manual that comes with the portable car garage.

Within a few minutes, you will be done with frame building.

After this, according to the type of surface secure the frame with the help of a particular anchor. In order to have an optimal anchoring, it is advisable to use one anchor per leg.


Huh! Frame building was comparatively tiring. Right? But trust me, the end result will be amazing.

Take out the UV-resistant top cover that you have got from the manufacturer. This top cover is the real player of a portable garage.

It will protect your car from dust, debris, rain, and snow. So it should be tightened firmly and carefully. As per the instructions manual, spread the top cover over the frame and then thread the traps over poles.

Here your portable car garage is assembled and now you can fearlessly use it for parking your cars, bikes or keeping your valuable inside it.


How to anchor a portable garage properly is a most commonly asked question that bothers every portable garage owner. Anchoring a portable garage is not at all a rocket science, and I hope you agree with it after going through the above article.

But yes, one must have proper knowledge about strengthening a portable garage, so that they can protect their precious equipments in the rainy and windy season.

You need to have a proper anchoring system if you want to install a portable garage properly. That’s all you want!

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