Best Portable Garage for Motorcycle 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Best Portable Garage for MotorcycleWho doesn’t love to own a motorbike?

It’s fun riding it.

With a motorbike, you can add more adventure to your life.

But the sad part is where to park your dream bike when it’s not in use?

Parking it outside with a top cover on it is a temporary solution. It will blow away once the weather becomes windy. Not only this, it will wet your bike in the rainy season.

Oh boy! What to do!

Want to know the permanent solution?

Here comes the Portable Garage For Motorcycle.

Motorcycle shelters are built up with a steel frame with a top cover on it which is usually made up of water-resistant and UV resistant fabric. They are small and average in size that a heavy bike can easily accommodate into it.

For heavy bikes, these heavy-duty garages are the perfect and long-lasting solution.

If you own a bike and faces a hard time parking it then I will suggest you grab a portable garage for bike. But the question is which brand to look for? Which one is best? How much will it cost?

This review will answer all your queries about motorcycle shelters.

After deep and thorough research I have found out some Best Portable Garages for Bike and decided to write a review about it. So that it will help you in choosing one for your bike.

These reviews are quite detailed and cover each and every part of the bike shelters which are then followed the editor’s opinion about the garage.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Portable Garages for Motorcycle Reviews


  • Size: Large
  • Fabric: 100% Waterproof
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  • Size: 10.35’x 4.11’x 5.7′
  • Fabric: 600 Oxford Waterproof
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  • Size: 106.5’x 41.5’x 61′
  • Fabric: Black 600D Waterproof
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  • Size: 74″x 30″x 65″
  • Fabric: Waterproof UV Protected
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  • Size: 6 x 8 ft
  • Fabric: Water, UV, Fade Protected
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1. Bike Shield Best Motorcycle Shelter

Bike Shield Best Portable Garage for MotorcycleStarting with one of the top-end portable garages for a bike. BikeShield Protection is a renowned name when it comes to bike garages. Their basic aim is to protect and secure your expensive bike from harsh weather elements.

This motorcycle shelter is no doubt one of the best and finest bike shelters, that I will provide 100% protection to your two-wheeler. I am pretty much sure that you will fall in love with it.

Let’s have a look!

FRAME: Talking about the most important part of a bike shelter that is a frame. Its frame is made up of galvanized stainless steel that is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The frame is in square shape and it has altogether 16 square tubings. This indicates that the BikeShield bike shelter will be way more durable than the other shelters.

WATERPROOF: Bike shield motorcycle shelter has high quality and robust top cover that is 100% waterproof, as it is coated with the highest water repellent process on the outside. It will not let any single drop of water to come inside the shelter.

The top cover is made up of polyurethane fabric that is coated on inside with 2000mm H20/m. Also, it has an anti UV coating that does not let the color fade.

This means once you buy it, you can fearlessly use it for a good 5-10 years.

VENTILATION: Shelters that don’t have windows for ventilation, holds stingy smell inside. That’s the reason bike shield motorcycle garage comes with a small window that you can open to avoid any pungent and stinky smell in the garage.

SAFE AND SECURE: Providing shelter only is not the basic aim of BikeShield, they also aim to give security to your bike. That’s the reason it comes with a safe and secure lock. After parking your bike inside the garage, just cover the garage, close the ventilation window and tap the lock-in frame. Now your bike is 110% secure.

Bike shield portable motorcycle garage is amongst the top pick motorcycle garage. It is suitable for heavy bikes. It is too big so you need to assemble it in a well spacious area. The best part is, it is so simple and easy to assemble you can easily assemble it without any others help. The assembling instructions are clearly and well defined in its manual.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Well ventilated
  • Made up of galvanized stainless steel
  • Durable and strong
  • It does not come with a lock. You have to buy a lock by yourself


Well, it has awesome ratings and it’s all because of the durability and quality that this product offers. It’s a long-lasting portable bike garage, with 100% waterproof and UV protection.

The manufacturer’s claim that you can single-handedly assemble this product but I think it’s not possible. You will need a person to hold the L-shaped rods in place. Furthermore, from the customer feedback, it has been judged that this provides amazing waterproofing. In fact, it is worth buying.

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2. Quictent Portable Garage for Motorcycle

Quictent Instant ShelterIf you are looking for some best and more secure portable motorcycle garage, then Quictent’s heavy-duty motorcycle shelter is the best option for you.

Quictent is one of the best and top-notch shelter manufacturers that deals in all kinds of shelters be it a party tent, shed for car or a motorbike garage. Whatever it is, you will find it under the banner of Quictent and the best part is, their products are awesome when it comes to quality and durability.

Let me inform you, that this is one of the editors recommended bike shelter.

Why the editor has recommended it? Scroll down, you will get the answer.

Let’s see!

DURABLE FRAME: Made up of stainless steel, this frame is completely foldable. Furthermore, it has been coated with black powder to protect the frame from rust, corrosion, chipping and peeling. The frame is in a square shape with L legs beneath it.

For the longevity of any shelter, it is necessary that its frame should be durable enough. In this regard, Quictent bike shelters win the ground, as its frame is robust and ensures long-lasting durability, because of the tube diameter and thickness that is 0.87” and 1mm respectively.

WATERPROOF COVER: Since Quictent promises to protect and safe your valuable vehicles from harsh weather surrounding elements, that’s why it has used high-quality 600D oxford fabric for top cover. Besides this, it has PU coating on inside which protects the fabric from corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other processes that can degrade the fabric.

Its top cover is completely waterproof which is indicated by its 1200mm hydrostatic head. The more the hydrostatic head more will be water-resistant. So in terms of water resistance, Quictent bike garage will provide 100% protection against water.

VENTILATION: As far as ventilation is concerned, then you must be amazed to know that it has mesh windows for ventilation on two sides. These windows come with roll-up tie flaps, which you can roll up when you want to make your garage an airy one.

SAFETY IS GUARANTEED: One of the best things that Quictent motorcycle shelter has, it has an advanced safety feature. Yes, you read it right.

 Now you don’t need to buy a lock to tap in the frame and secure your bike. This amazing garage comes with a black TSA code lock. This type of lock provides more security to your two wheels.

No one can get access to your bike, without entering the secret code that you have chosen.

PERKS: Perks are always wonderful and amazing. Quictent Bike Shelter comes with a durable 600D waterproof Oxford carry bag. This means you can keep your shelter safely in its durable and waterproof bag when it is not in use.

Quictent heavy-duty bike shelter is quite suitable for a heavy bike. Moreover, you can use it for bobbers, mopeds and bicycles. It is simple and easy to assemble. It provides full coverage protection against sun rays, snow, dust and other debris.
  • Enhanced security
  • With TSA code lock
  • Durable frame
  • Anti-water and anti UV fabric.
  • Vented mesh windows.
  • It holds condensation very well


As far as my opinion about Quictent heavy-duty bike garage is concerned, it’s a good choice when you have a small space for a garage. It’s quite spacious; it can easily hold two small bikes but not heavy bikes.

It holds the moisture inside that later on drips down as the design is too square and the moisture does not have any space to run down, so it drips. So on rainy days, you have to do the extra care of the shelter. It doesn’t leak.

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3. Mophorn Motorbike Garage

Mophorn MotorbikeWell, Mophorn is a big brand. It deals with numerous products. Actually, they want to give the best ever shopping experience to their customers and they do so by manufacturing high-quality products. Besides this, outstanding customer service is the finest benefit that their customers enjoy.

Talking about their motorbike garage, it’s a piece of excellent effort and innovation. Apart from this, it’s too economical. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy it. You can easily buy this in a minimum amount.

The best part is, though it’s not much expensive, it offers the same features as any other expensive portable garage for bike offers.

So why not peep into its features.

Here you go.

ROBUST FRAME: The frame is a crucial part of a bike garage. It should be of appropriate quality that it can withstand heavy winds, rain and snow. In this matter, Mophorn will never disappoint you. High grade galvanized stainless steel frame has been used in the manufacturing of frame.

Besides this, the frame is powder-coated, which means it will last for long and will easily fight against chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.

The frame has 14 foldable legs, you can easily fold it and place it at a secure place when it is not in use.

OUTSTANDING TOP COVER: Quality of top cover determines the overall quality and durability of the portable bike garage. Mophorn has used high-end fabric as top cover, which is 600D Oxford cloth. This cloth is black in color and is coated with water-repellant and anti-UV agents.

Not only this, but anti-fading agents have also been coated on the top cover. This means the cover is totally safe from the surrounding elements. No matter how long your portable bike garage stays in sunlight, it’s color will not gonna fade away. Also, it will keep your bike protected from sunlight & rainwater.

 It would not be wrong if I say that once you buy Mophorn you become carefree from your bike. It’s under a safe shade.

ASSEMBLING: Like other bike garages, Mophorn has also put effort to make it’s assembling a cup of tea for everyone. And they succeeded in it. Yes, it’s so simple and handy to assemble. Since it’s not too big in size it can be easily fixed by one person.

Also, it’s not too much heavy. The top cover has soft ground anchors that give a perfect finish to the top cover. As far as its dimensions are concerns, it is 106.5″(L)x 41.5″ (W)x 61″(H). This means it can easily accommodate a heavy bike. After parking a heavy bike there will be enough space left around the bike that you can easily move around it.

  • Rust, rain, and UV resistant
  • Built with a durable steel frame
  • Simple to assemble
  • Foldable
  • Manual does not have clearly defined instructions


In my opinion, Mophorn portable garage for bike is economical with all qualities of a high-end bike garage. According to some customer reviews, it has the great water-holding capability. Besides this, it has good space inside the garage. For further stability, people have anchored it to the ground, which makes the garage safe in heavy winds. It will not be wrong if I say that Mophorn is a perfect choice if you want to remain on budget.

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4. YardStash Portable Garage for Bike

The Yard Stash Portable Garage for MotorcycleIf you really want to stash your small bike or bobbers or moped, then YardStash Portable Bike Garage is the perfect solution for you.

This bike garage is not only used for storing bikes, but you can also use to store other stuff as well.

YardStash is a big name in the field of outdoor furniture. It has so many products that cater to your needs in smart and efficient manners.

Bike garage is one of the examples. It’s portable, simple and easy to install. You can use it to store a variety of products, such as kids’ strollers, gardening equipment and machines and whatnot.

Let’s take a quick look at this portable bike garage.

MATERIAL: It has been manufactured using high-quality steel and fabric cover. It has industrial-grade ripstop with vinyl tarpaulin roof along with UPF 50+ protection and a polyester body which is bonded to the thick interior. Also, the cover has a weatherproof coating that protects it from weathering and tearing.

 This means it will gonna last forever once you buy it.

Besides this the material of the top cover is quite heavy; it is about 2.5 times heavier than the other shelters of the same grade.

DOOR WITH ZIPPERS: The bike garage has one door which has a full top to the bottom zipper. The zipper is not of ordinary quality, in fact, it has heavy-duty zippers. Besides this, they are not only heavy-duty but also rubber tapped for easier access and durability.

Zipper door is very convenient and easy to use. There isn’t any kind of hassle of rolling up like in roll-up doors. They are far easier than others.

SPACE SAVING SIZE: YardStash III is designed by keeping in mind the concept of putting a quart into a pint pot. You can keep as many items in it as it can fit into the size of 74 x30x65 “. It can fit two adults bicycle with room for other things as well.

YOUR GEARS ARE SECURE: Whatever you are planning to store in YardStash bike garage let me tell you it will be cent percent secure. As it has lock-in back Velcro flap opening. You can bolt, screw, or lock it to the fence or wall for more security. Furthermore, it has two interior hooks which let you hang and store helmets and other gears.

YardStash portable bike garage is unique and versatile. You can use to store not only bikes but for other things as well. In our purpose, we have used it as bike shelters. Keep in mind that it is not suitable for heavy bikes rather you can fearlessly keep boppers, moped and electric scooters along with other things. It’s indeed worth buying if you have so many small stuff along with your bike to store.
  • Security of bike is guaranteed
  • Hooks for hanging gears
  • Compact and spacious design
  • Versatile
  • Setup in less than 15 minutes
  • Floor fabric is prone to tear


The amount of durability it has, YardStash III will be like a lifetime investment. It is built with high-grade fabric but the manufacturer doesn’t focus at the bottom fabric. The floor fabric can be weather easily while stashing different items inside it.

So you have to be very careful while placing your stuff inside it. One more thing, I will suggest you run a lock through the window in the back of the garage and lock the YardStash portable shelter to a tree or pole for more enhanced security purposes.

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5. Abba Patio Outdoor Garage for Motorcycles

Abba Patio Portable Garage for MotorcycleAbba patio, your backyard destination, indeed it’s a great brand when you want to buy some stuff for your backyards, be it a portable motorcycle shelter or a patio for enjoying evening snack. Abba Patio is the ultimate solution to your wishes.

This outdoor garage that I am reviewing is quite different from the others. It has a different and unique design with different features but it will provide excellent protection against all kinds of weather. Be it a rainy, sunny or windy day your bike will remain protected.

Let’s talk about its features briefly.

STEEL FRAME: The unique and versatile canopy design of this bike shelter has a galvanized powder-coated steel frame. Because of powder coating, the frame will remain secure from chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.

The steel pipes are 1 and ½ inch in diameter that gives firmness to the entire structure. The steel poles have strong metal base plates so that the bike shelter can stand firmly in all kinds of weather. Besides this, the frame has great overall dimensions that are 6 ft by 8 ft. this size is suitable to stash all kinds of bikes.

WATER RESISTANT TOP COVER: Talking about the important part of the garage, the cover is made up of high-grade polyethylene. This fabric is extremely suitable for portable motorbike garages, as it can hold and resist water. The fabric has anti UV and anti-fading agents coating on the outside that does not let the sunbeams to enter inside the canopy and deteriorates the color of your bike.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Abba patio heavy-duty garage for bike has a unique canopy style design which you will hardly find in any other bike garage. Furthermore, it has a zipper door that has heavy duty zippers that will not break even if you use it harshly. Because of this zipper, you can detach the door easily and can enjoy good ventilation.

COLLAPSIBLE: Abba patio portable bike garage is fully collapsible. You can collapse it and store it anywhere when it is not in use. Also, it is really very easy to set up. It requires hardly 20 minutes setting it up. Besides this, you don’t require any special tools and equipment in its assembling. It comes with all the hardware that will be required in its set up.

  • Offers great storage space
  • High-quality top cover
  • Poles are rustproof
  • Unique canopy design
  • Awesome size
  • No worth mentioning cons yet


Since Abba patio is a high-end brand that always focuses to produce flawless products, so, in my opinion, Abba Patio’s portable motorbike garage can be a good option if you want a spacious canopy style shelter for your bike. Its quality and sturdiness is awesome. You will not find a single negative review of its quality and durability. It’s worth buying indeed.


No one can deny the fact that portable motorcycle shelters are indeed the best solution to protect your million dollars bike from the harsh elements. Not only this, it is one of the secure options that you can get as some of the motorcycle garages has lock option too.

In the end, I would like to windup it by saying that bike lovers’ souls are moved with their two wheels. So instead of keeping it under the scorching sun rays and exposing it to harsh weather elements, it will be the best thing to buy a Portable Motorcycle Garage for your bike and enhance their longevity.

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